A guy and girl- Can’t be JUST friends

Posted on May 16 2012 - 7:56pm by Aditya Roy

Men and women, were since time immemorial born to be in love. Too primitive an opinion?

Well, since the time of Adam and Eve,
Mankind has always succumbed to the poisonous apple.

True, there are certain rules to this law,
The people have to be straight,
And not related by blood-or fraternity.

If that’s sorted, there is absolutely no way, that a man and a woman can remain just friends.

Now, I’m not saying- both the individuals fall for eachother, but I am saying,
Atleast one of them does.

So, if you have a friend out there, that you haven’t thought about,
I’m sure they have thought about you.

Now, it need not be something that necessarily is acted upon,
But that feeling, of crushing, or liking someone, does arise, is my point.

I know, men and women may be totally incompatible, may totally lack chemistry, but if they’re friends, the attraction is potent.

I also have one more revelation,
For two people to be friends, good close friends, both the people have to be attracted to eachother on some level. Maybe not physically, but on some level,
Because, its impossible to sustain a conversation with someone you’re not interested in- no matter how nice a person you are!

The truth will set you free,
Friendship is a very valued relationship, because, its safe. Because two people choose to be emotionally close. But it aint as platonic as people make it out to be. Its a bit more dangerous than that.

As a romantic, I’d take friendship, any day. Because its one of the most romantic notions relationships has built. My type of friendship, ofcourse ;)

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