A shade too dark – A Short Story

Posted on Jul 27 2012 - 9:53am by Rohit Das

The leaves had long fallen from their twigs, the winter morning was
cold. A gentle breeze would, once in a while, force a familiar looking
stranger squeeze their coats a little tighter. At home, grandma would
curse the weather, But then, she always cursed the weather – be it
rain or shine. Little children dressed in colorful sweaters thronged
the streets; the lights in the shops were on in spite of it being day.
A gentle excitement was in the air, breathing life in the usually dull
life of a wintery evening in Guwahati.
In the concrete road leading to Fancy Bazar, I walked, there was a
wallop in my stride. The icy weather could hardly contain me – in me,
was a warmth unknown – I was in a half sleeved tee and the smile in my
lips spelt it all.
It was Christmas Eve and I was out shopping for her.

It is very difficult to shop for ladies. The preferences of clothes
varied with her moods and so did the color of her shoes.  After a lot
of confusion on what to buy for her, I settled on a nice music player.
It wasn’t difficult to choose a music player – and she loved music, my
girl. She wouldn’t understand the specs of the player but she knew
more music than many.


The Stars in the verandahs of the houses still gleamed, spreading
rainbow rays everywhere. In the lane that led to her house, I waited
for her. I felt stupid wearing a Santa Claus dress complete with a
mask. I missed a pot belly. Little children looked on with hope – I
had nothing for them. I cursed myself – I had not expected this – A
Santa without chocolates for the kids is just so boring.
As usual, she was late.
“Merry Christmas!” her voice startled me. I almost jumped for joy!
She had seen through the disguise. She wrapped her arm around mine as
I kissed her forehead as I handed over the gift.
“What’s in there?” she asked, her eyes gleaming with happiness. I felt
so wonderful – there is nothing better than bringing a smile.

“Check in the restaurant, shall we?” I said, the Santa Claus dress
felt stupid no more. After all, I felt loved too. To hold a loving
girl  in your arms and walking proudly – a dream had come true when I
wasn’t asleep.

I thanked the cold weather, as she snuggled closer to me. We were in
an autorickshaw and the driver had a smile in his lips giving a ride
in a beautiful girl and Santa. He would have a story to tell his kids
someday, I thought.

“I love you” she whispered.

“I love you more” I whispered back.


These moments of happiness…
will they remain what I thought them to be?
Or will they be, just a bitter scar,
reminding me of a wound so deep,
so fatal, so painful, everytime I am alone?

Tiny little raindrops,
Beautiful, engaging, alive…
Why are they silently weeping
On this cold Christmas evening today?

You wore a mask,
I could see not beyond your guise,
But to fool someone who loves you,
Is it wise?

Who would answer the why’s now?
Now that u got lost in the shadows..
Forever I shall remain searching..
Searching answers in places,
Where I know not what to ask anymore.


How wrong I was…
When I thought love would win her over..
In the end, she chose the guy..
With the guitar and the Bajaj Avenger.

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