Adniz Zinda : A Life that unfolds…

Posted on Oct 25 2011 - 9:13am by Vardhan Karanjikar

It was that time of the year again. But this time it was much more important and much more delicate. Today he had to choose. He had to choose a path that would forever change his life. He had to decide on what he had to do. Adniz Zinda – a simple, average, just like any other 15 year old – faced a dilemma. His life so far was comfortable, and except for the occasional trips to the principal’s office, he had a fairly well developed sense of how the world worked or at least that’s what he thought. It was that day again, results. No better way to put his situation into perspective.  He had studied hard and now that his 10th board results were going to be out in just 5 hours, he put his entire life in front of him. As a 15 year old, he had no real legal power, but he knew that today he had the power to choose.

He took a deep breath and prepared himself for the next 5 hours. He got up, went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face. He looked at his face and breathed, no use crying over spilled milk. He grabbed his favorite racket and headed out the door for his usual tennis morning.

“Abey saale! Where the hell were you?!”

His friend Vikram slapped him hard on his back. This was their daily routine. Get up and get slapped.

“You butt-whack! It’s just 6.20 AM!! I am not late and why the hell are you so early?

“Kutte, the results are going to be out soon… OMG lag gayi! Today might be my last day on this handsome earth, oh how I will miss the smell of dirt and the awesome chicks that come to this class early morning and pretend to know tennis, oh how I will miss guiding them and then holding their hands while pretending to show them a forehand…”

“And how I will miss you getting slapped by them… Let it go man… Stop being so ridiculously senti, tere baap ka business hai!”

“Okay stop going in my baapu’s business and let’s play ball!”

“You do know that is used in some sport other than tennis right?”

And that was his morning began, the usual drama with Vikram followed by two rigorous hours of tennis. However, today he wasn’t concentrating; he knew he had to decide about what he wanted to do. His father had told him think about his future and he had been procrastinating. As he hit the perfect forehand his brain went into a major thinking phase. What did he really want to do? What was his aim? What was his goal? And not to quote Hrithik Roshan, but what was his Lakshya?

“So what have you guys decided?”

Ameya, their senior, asked them the dreaded question. Vikram slapped him and Adniz just shrugged. But the truth finally began to get to him. What the HELL was he going to do? Too depressed to hang around his tennis buddies, he jumped on his Activa and went racing to his favorite spot.  As Adniz sat down, he twirled a twig in his hand. He noticed a couple that was roaming and pictured himself with Rama Amar. He knew that she must have decided what she wanted; after all, she was the smartest and the cutest girl he had ever met. He loved the way her hair – NO! He needed to focus. He threw a couple of stones up in the air and tried to catch them. He wondered about the physics of these stones and suddenly he thought about getting into science, where he could learn how to make these stones fly and throw them at perfect range to achieve their maximum potential. Yes science it was!

“Maa, I think I want to do science… It’s a good field and I like practical applications.”

Adniz broke the news to his mother when he went home. He felt a bit relaxed now that he had decided to go into the science stream. It was 9.30 and he already had a plan!

“Are you sure beta? Because you remember what happened to Suri? She wanted science too… But she couldn’t get it because her marks were less and she felt bad and went into depression and started hanging out with that Raman. Why don’t you go into commerce? Your father can later help you get accustomed to banking and things like that! Seems good na?”

And his dream shattered; even he went into depression and decided to take a shower to clear his head. He didn’t realize the water was cold and his brain just did nothing except remind him of his marks. His mother was right, what if he didn’t score so well? He knew he hated to study, so commerce was a better option. He took a deep breath. Yes, commerce was good. It was sure that he would get in plus he knew his father had some eminent contacts in that field so his life would be pretty easy.  Commerce it was.

10.30 – And just another 30 minutes, 0.5 hrs, 1800 seconds. His heart was pounding, and even if he had decided to go into commerce, he was somehow not content. He flipped through random books and a book on Psychology caught his eye. “Psychology- The Study of Human Behavior” was written on its cover. He could become a psychologist; it would be fun to study human behavior and other aspects of the human brain. And all he had to do was get into arts. Seemed easy. It was 10.45 AM and he had his mind set on Arts. He kept it to himself though, and thought he would take care of it when the time came. He turned his PC on and at exactly 11AM logged on to the website. He breathed deeply… Fumbled with his hall ticket, wiped the sweat off of his palms… AND ENTERED HIS SEAT NUMBER>>>>

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    Karanzkar, it’s freaking awesome and ironic!!

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