Adniz Zinda-After D-Day!

Posted on Apr 28 2012 - 1:18pm by Vardhan Karanjikar

Adniz froze, he squinted at the screen hoping that he was reading the results right. His palms dried, he stopped shuddering, and he couldn’t hear his heart pumping. Adniz slowly began to breathe; he looked at the glowing computer screen as it displayed his result. He jumped up and splashed cold water on his face and pinched himself a good 3 to 4 times before he finally accepted that he wasn’t dreaming. Adniz Zinda had scored 89.78%. Much more than he thought he would get! He went racing outside.

“MOM!!! DAD!!! I GOT 89%!!! YAY!!!”

Adniz went around the house screaming his heart out; it was like every single nerve in his body screamed happily. He had never felt so relieved and so content; today Adniz felt that he was on the top of the world.  As his family checked the results, he grabbed his cell-phone and started to call Vikram.

“Abey VIKRAM!!! How much did you get?!”

“DUDE!! ADNIZ!!! I LOVE YOU MAN!! I have never been so happy in my entire life!! I got 82%! How about you?!”

“Dude I got 89%! I can’t believe it!”

“Party Party!!”

“Yea man definitely! So what about the others? How much did everybody else get?”

“Well Saurabh got like 79%, Manish got like 93%! But that was expected… The guy studied so much that if he wouldn’t have gotten that, I would have sued the board! But get this… The showstopper is the one and only Tejas! Dude he got 86%! I mean, when I heard this I was like WTF?”

“Seriously? Tejas? That clown? Hahaha… Well I guess those last two months of house arrest really worked for him then, eh?”

“Anyways… Dude listen we have to go to the school and pick up our results… okay?”

“Yea cool… Come pick me up, na?”

Adniz smiled as he kept the phone, his mom had just told his dad the news and his dad promised to get him something on his way home. His sister was just as happy as him and she gave him a chocolate. He told his mom that he was going to his school to pick up his results. As Adniz got dressed he knew he was going to see Rama in school. He wondered how much she had got. He knew that she was pretty much the only smart and cute girl in his class so she must have definitely gotten more than him. Yet he silently hoped he had scored more… Then maybe, just maybe, he could have the courage to ask her out, to finally tell her all the things that he felt for her. If only he could just have some time alone with her, if-


Vikram was below his place, and Adniz hadn’t even dressed himself. He picked out his favorite black t-shirt and put on his classic denims. He looked in the mirror and prepared himself for what he was going to say to Rama.

“Hi Rama! I got 89%! You?” No… that sounds lame… “Hey Rama! How much did you score?” Hmm, better… Well maybe a hello?… “Hello Rama… You got how much?” No no no!!

“Adniz beta… Stop talking to yourself! Your friend is waiting for you… Come on!”

Hoping his mother didn’t hear Rama’s name, Adniz picked up his things and went racing out the door.

“You idiot! I have been waiting for the last 20 minutes!”

“Arey I was taking a shower…”

“Yea yea… Save it… Listen are you at least gonna make an effort to talk to Rama today?”

“Yea… Well, let’s see”

As Vikram raced in between lanes of cars and hyper teenagers, Adniz only wondered about Rama. He knew he had to ask her today. He just knew he had to; he was going to do it.

“Dude!! Most people are in school already! Dude I told you we should have reached earlier!!”

“Oh shut up Vikram! We got here on time. Anyways I am going to go find Rama… You talk to the rest of the gang!”

Adniz collected his result and he looked through the crowd for Rama. He knew that she would be with her other snobby friends. The whole pack of them would probably be in some corner and pecking away at each other. He looked for her near their old classroom, and sure enough, there she was. Adniz had never ever gotten over how beautiful she looked in her casual clothes. He had only seen her twice in casual clothes before, but she never stood out, then suddenly over the last year he started noticing her, the way she talked, the way she walked and before he knew it he was lost in her.

WHACK! “Abey idiot!! Just go and talk to her!!” Vikram screamed so freaking loudly that the entire class heard and all of them turned their head towards Adniz, including Rama. Adniz glared at Vikram and went and talked to the French teacher and thanked her for tutoring him.

As he was being teased with the French teacher’s name by all his under-developed classmates, Adniz still kept on looking for Rama. He had told Vikram to buzz off and give him his scooter so that he could take Rama out if things went his way. Adniz finally saw her again at the entrance to the school. He breathed slowly, and tried to walk all “cool” towards her, and in the process slipping on the floor and doing a weird frenzied tap dance step. Rama saw him and started laughing, she waved at him to come over to her, and beaming a smile that would challenge Happydent’s market, Adniz zipped over to her.

“Have you thought over what you are going to do now?”

Adniz was sitting at the dinner table, and his father was asking him his decision. Today had been fun, he had almost-

“Adniz beta, I am talking to you…”

“Haan yes, I have decided that I want to Arts.”

“Arts? Why beta? You have got such good marks! You can study well it seems! You should go into Science! You will do well…”

“But Dad, I want to do psychology, study the brain…”

“So do that after Science, na? Look you will have a secure future now…”

Adniz said nothing, he just looked away. His thoughts went back to Rama and how even she was taking Science. God, this afternoon had been fun.


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