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Posted on Aug 10 2012 - 8:39am by Vardhan Karanjikar

“This is your schedule for the entire year now, for the next one year you will be focusing on all the aspects of 12th. The subjects are easy and do-able if you are dedicated to them. Remember it’s time for CET preparation, that exam is an entirely different ball game. It is your race against time. “

Like all the other kids surrounding him, Adniz hung his head. December was over and the New Year had brought the New Year doom along with it. His 11th coursework was over in a jiffy. Adniz couldn’t remember studying anything in 11th. He had no idea what the portion was. His entire academic life had turned into a big fireball of 12th. Adniz sensed competition all around him. He was sitting in his usual place by the window, and today he felt alienated. The cool breeze reminded him of the messed up 11th he had, and he felt ashamed. He needed to focus himself now. He still wasn’t clear on what he had to do, but he knew it was not going to be engineering. Having eliminated math, he was looking at the subjects of Geography and French.

“Damn, it’s like the entire world turned upside down. No more fun man, it is all going to suck. We are now officially committed to studies.” Sarang started talking behind him. Ever since the 11th coursework got over, Sarang had suddenly become sincere in his studies, averaging at all the grades; Sarang had become one of those kids that surprised people. He had managed to get different books for each subject, along with his own study material and his own way of taking down notes.  He too like Adniz had dropped Maths and taken up Geography along with French.

“Hey Adniz, the French tuitions start from tomorrow. Tell Vikram to be there, I think even he his taking French right?”

“Yea he is, I will tell him, thanks.”

Ever since Adniz’s accident Sarang and Vikram were at a constant stare and glare war with each other. That was until the time Sarang had forced Karan to say sorry to Vikram and also apologized along with him. Since then they were on friendly terms with each other. Which included just the casual “Hi what up” and the pointless discussion on some Physics and Chemistry sums.

“As I was saying this whole time, do well, excel well, and of course never underestimate yourself, every one of you can become doctors if you want to.” The sir finally stopped droning in their 12th importance. And all the 175 biology students went outside.

As he stepped in the breeze he was glad the seminar was over, now he could actually think. But his happiness was short lived as Vikram slapped him on his back.

“Turd! How was it? Did he give you the excellence speech? Did he tell you to love your subjects and treat them as your GFs? I mean how the hell is that even possible? I can treat the pages in the books as my GF but …” He stopped. Every time the word GF came there was this awkward silence, but Adniz chose to ignore this one. He just laughed and said how he would rather treat chemistry as his GF.

“Acha Vikram, the French class is starting tomorrow. Plus we have an opening test in chemistry the day after. We need to start studying man, it’s high time.”

“Dude did you give the fees for the French class? I still have to give mine. Let’s do that right now na? Let’s go to my place first and then yours, chalega?”

“Yea that’s cool… Let’s do that right now.”

Ever since the accident, Adniz’s parents had banned his Activa. Vikram was his new vehicle and they had to go together where ever they went. Ten minutes later both of them picked up the fees and headed for the class.

Their luck was bad, as they approached the building Adniz could already see that a few kids had come to pay their fees and this was going to take time. He got down animatedly and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Vikram parked his Dio and he came bouncing right up. Both of them took out the cash and started to count while they were walking. In this process Adniz walked head first into someone.

“Oh I am sorry! I didn’t see…” His luck was bad indeed. It was Rama.

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