Adniz Zinda – Hope

Posted on Aug 2 2012 - 1:31pm by Vardhan Karanjikar

“Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…” The monitors all hummed simultaneously as Vikram rushed inside. He had got the call from Sarang a good 10 minutes ago.

“How is he?!” Vikram spotted Sarang standing outside the room. He jumped the moment he saw Vikram.

“He is okay man, the bus grazed his Activa and he went spinning out of control and smashed against the pavement. Luckily his Activa saved him, his luck was good.  No worries now mate”

“No worries?! How the hell can you even say that?! Where the f*ck were you?! Dude look at him, his arm is fractured and he has got a big bandage wrapped around his head! What was he lucky about?!”

“Well he didn’t die… I told him not to go out… I told to him to stay inside till he sobered up… But he…”

But Vikram was furious now. “Sarang get the hell out of here! You have ruined him! Sobered up?! What the hell were you guys doing?! When are his parents going to come?”

“Dude you ask way too many questions man… Look it’s his fault he is like this; nobody decides to drive after getting high. That is just plain irresponsible. And as for his parents, I called them already they are on their way. It takes time. Why don’t you just chill? Have a glass of water or something.”

“No! I will handle it from here… Get the hell out, and give me the house keys.  His parents trust me more. I can handle the “getting high” part. Where were you guys getting high?”

“His place…” Vikram felt like slapping Adniz and then killing Sarang. He controlled himself and told Sarang to leave. As Sarang left, Vikram called up Manish, Tejas, Saurabh, and Rishabh. He told them what had happened and how they had to help him clean up Adniz’s mess.

“Clean everything; make his house look like the freaking Taj Mahal for all I care. But not a trace of the stuff or even the smell. We have a good three hours before his parents show up, let’s make everything disappear. Saurabh you know how to handle such things so guys just listen to what he says. Here are the keys. I will hold the fort here. Just make sure his house gets clean.”

As the others left, Vikram went and sat next to Adniz. He glanced at the state his best friend was in. The doctors said he was stable, but Vikram was still worried. He knew that he should have never let Adniz go with Sarang and his group. The fight between the two of them was natural; he knew that yet he never tried to fix things in between them. Vikram sighed; he now knew he cared for Adniz above anything else. He now knew what Adniz meant to him, and he was never going to do something like that again.

Vikram called his mom and they had shifted Adniz to another room now. Vikram vowed to stay with Adniz so that his mother could go home and get something to eat.

“Dude wake up! It’s done.” The guys were back, Vikram had momentarily fallen asleep.

“We cleaned the entire freaking place man; my hands are heavy as a lead. Take that mom and every other person who said I didn’t know how to clean!” Tejas and Saurabh were both sitting down looking tired.

The four of them were back; it had taken them a good two hours to clean the house.

“How bad was the stuff?”  Vikram had to know. He knew that Adniz would probably never tell him, but it was good that Vikram knew, he could take the blame if it ever came to that. His parents were a bit free with his rights.

“Dude not much man, just some joints that weren’t smoked and a box of booze. Getting that stuff out was easy. But the real challenge was getting the smell out, we went got that Ambi Pur things that you put in the car. Bought like three of those, Tejas came up with the idea of giving a powerful dose so we smashed all three of them… broke them open, then it was pretty good. Then we sprayed an entire can of Air Freshner and then just watched TV till everything went away. But then Tejas went outside and came back in and he told us it still smells the same, so we burned a maggi ka packet “accidently” and then we burned a couple of bread slices. Now, you can’t tell the difference!”

“Vikram? Is that you?” Adniz finally woke up; he was coming to his senses now. His head ached and his arm felt like someone had shot him. He remembered what had happened. He remembered getting really high and then ending up on the side of a street his Activa all in pieces beside him. But as he saw Vikram, he was relieved that Vikram was there.

His best friend was there; he was so happy to see him and he was surrounded by his classmates. Adniz Zinda was happy. He looked at Vikram.

“So you made it? I was coming towards you, you know? I wanted to tell you how sorry I was and how it was stupid of me to get mixed up in all the wrong things. I am so sorry man. You and Ra…”

“Shut up will you? Dude just rest, we got a hell of a story to tell your parents, and guess what? I dumped Rama… Dude she ain’t worth it man.”

They both looked at each other; they both knew what had happened. And just like that they both started to laugh.

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