Adniz Zinda – LSD?

Posted on Apr 28 2012 - 2:31pm by Vardhan Karanjikar

Life was complete for him. There was no other way to put it. Adniz had matured. The last two months were incomparably awesome. Rama was his soul mate; there was no better way to say it. Adniz kept on playing the last two months in his head; the days were as beautiful and serene as the calm morning in spring. He had become a bit poetic no doubt, but he was content. Adniz still remembered the first day he asked Rama out, how she smiled shyly, looked to the left and again back at him and nodded. That was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen. Of course all his other friends were disappointed in him. Vikram went as far as to declare a “cold war” on him. It wasn’t as much as a “cold war” as it was a “cold shoulder” but the gravity in it was noticeable. Still when Adniz introduced Rama to Vikram, he seemed more than happy to talk to her and she seemed pleasantly nice to him. Yes, life was going great, he felt like singing random songs and dancing in the middle of nowhere, young and still smitten with love that he was.


After the day he and Rama hooked up, the tedious process of getting admissions in classes began. Adniz never understood why everybody rushed to classes without even opening the book. Adniz told his parents that he first wanted to see the course syllabus and then decide if he wanted to join classes for the coming year, but they just looked at him as if he had asked them to jump in ice cold lake in the middle of the Himalayas. Sighing at the no brainers in the world, Adniz went to look for the best classes in the city. Of course Vikram had a different viewpoint altogether.

“Adniz lets join classes with hot girls!”

“Dude I have a girlfriend now” Adniz loved to rub that into his face. But Vikram just turned and smiled at him and said

“And I have fish”

“You do realize that you seem to be getting better and better at making pointless statements, so what if you have fish?”

“My point exactly, so what if you have a girlfriend?” Vikram walked away smiling, Adniz could not believe Vikram outwitted him, but who cares? He still had a girlfriend.

They lined up outside the famous “Excel in JC” Classes. These guys were running their own freaking college apparently. Their building consisted of 6 floors. With each floor dedicated to a particular section like the first floor was for Biology, Second for Mathematics, Third for Chemistry and Fourth for Physics. Adniz knew that there was reason behind this placement; it made the subjects look much graver in turn. It was like a difficulty ladder. Still everybody had to climb it. The fifth floor was the office, where the classes cheated and scammed most of the people that walked through and the sixth floor was where the owner lived. They had semester tests and weekly assignments, not to mention a special two days in a month for “lab work”.

“Dude we are freaking DONKEYS!”

“Adniz don’t start now man, I already sweated a lot to get ahead in the line so much, PLEASE don’t be a ball buster now man, please!”

“Dude look at it, I feel like I am going into a factory and coming out a computerized robot!”

“Robots are computerized”

“Hey Vikram, do me a favor and SHUT UP!”

Adniz still couldn’t believe that he took science, he had no answer. Vikram also got dragged into the science field because he got good grades, aren’t good grades supposed to give you the freedom to do what you want?

That was two months ago, Adniz was still at the “Excel in JC” classes, he hated them, but having Vikram and Rama always gave him a little boost. Adniz loved the two of them and they seemed to getting along well. They started talking a lot and Vikram always accused her of stealing Adniz from him and she would just smile and say “I’m the lucky one”. But it had been a while since the three of them had gone out, Vikram and Rama were busy in their respective “Math Groups” or “Future Engineers” as they proudly called themselves and Adniz had become a part of the “Biology People”, though nobody dared called each other “Future Doctors” there, they all knew how big that mountain was.

Adniz had finally decided to catch up on the two of them, he and Rama used to text each other at night, but she would abruptly stop as her mom/dad walked in. He also had the habit of falling asleep a lot. So those conversations never went well.

Adniz called Vikram and Rama to meet him at the local McD. He had so much to tell them, and he missed them the most. He met Vikram at the entrance and they decided to go and sit as Rama was always late. Their talks were filled with the usual “chick observing” powers that they possessed. But Adniz felt that there was something amiss in Vikram that day. Vikram had become a bit respectful of women and he rarely looked at any of them, atleast not the way he used to.

When Rama walked in Adniz offered her the chair beside him but she went and sat next to Vikram. That was when it struck him, and everything froze. For a minute he could only see Vikram and Rama looking at him. They were saying something but Adniz had gone cold. No this can’t be happening, I am dreaming, I should wake up, I should wake up now! But nothing happened even after Adniz pinched himself.

“- dude I am so sorry but I didn’t want this to happen!”

“You were never there Adniz! Vikram was! He always was!”

“I had to tell you man, if you don’t want it to happen tell me…”


And suddenly Adniz closed his eyes, everything went black…


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