Adniz Zinda – Season 1 Finale

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“You should watch out for that backhand of yours. It doesn’t sink in properly and you end up giving the opponent a real easy chance at a smash.” Adniz nodded as Vikram pointed some flaws in his tennis form.

Adniz and Vikram were enrolled in the tennis tournament of their local club, and as fate would have it both of them had succeeded in making it to the finals.

“Dude remember whoever wins today, we split the money and go party!” Vikram had been trying real hard to mend things with Adniz since the last month. Adniz was grateful for it, it seemed that everyone in the last month wanted to hurt Adniz, wanted to make sure that he hit rock bottom wherever he went. But not Vikram, Vikram was Adniz’s true friend, he kept him going and Adniz was grateful just for that. He needed Vikram more than ever now that Rama had shown up in their French class. He knew even Vikram was uncomfortable with the entire idea, the last time the three of them were together, it ended in projectile spitting and blacking out.

“Dude the match about to start, may the best man win!” Vikram raced onto the court, Adniz followed behind him with his head filled with Rama, Vikram and French class.

Adniz decided to clear his mind now, as Vikram started the warm up rally Adniz cleared his head of all thoughts. He wanted to win today, he needed a win today. He had been too low in the last month and now he needed to feel good about something. This wasn’t about beating Vikram, this was about winning something for once. Blood rushed through Adniz’s veins, he was ready.

Around an hour and a half later Vikram hit the winning smash and finished the match. He had beaten Adniz 6-2 and 7-5 in straight sets. As Adniz went ahead to congratulate his best friend he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Vikram had proved his superiority over Adniz by beating him again. Vikram had bested him at everything so far, academics, girlfriends, popularity, and now this. Vikram was a winner and Adniz had become a loser. Somehow they had reversed roles, Adniz was the “cooler” guy in school, but over time Vikram had become “cooler” and Adniz just kept on falling down and down.

“Dude with 4000 bucks we can go anywhere we want!! Where should we head off to dinner today?”

“Just the two of us man? Don’t you think that is going to look a bit gay? Why don’t we take some friends along?”  This way Adniz didn’t have to face Vikram alone and he could distract himself easily.

“Alright sounds good! I will give the guys a heads up! Dude lets go home, shower and get our ass to French class…” Vikram’s voice trailed off, Adniz knew he was thinking about Rama, he felt it necessary to take the lead on this.

“We will handle her man… We can handle anything.”

Vikram tried to smile genuinely, Adniz knew he was still skeptical. But he let the moment pass.

Adniz wore his best shirt, he wore his new jeans and he dressed up. He had no idea as to why he was acting like girl again, but he had to make sure he looked his best today. He needed to make sure that he looked the best. If he was going to act indifferent to Rama, then he had to look good. Stupid politics he thought, he messed up his hair again, put on his old jeans and wore a T-Shirt. This was about going to class. This should not be about Rama, she wasn’t worth it. Yet the day still had a certain dread to it. He was happy that Vikram was with him. So Adniz got up and gathered his books and left for french class.

Vikram was there to pick him up as usual.

“So I hear that there are a lot of girls in french this year, maybe you can get one!”
“What are you planning to do? Go after the guys this time? We can get the chicks together, right?”

Vikram awkwardly shifted in front of him and said “Uh yea… Let’s do that…” it was plain that something was wrong with him. Adniz ignored it thinking that it was just because Vikram was tensed and couldn’t hide his feelings well. That was one thing Adniz was good at hiding, his feelings. His anger for Rama came surging back to him. He hated her and he knew he was going to have a tough time, but Vikram was there too. He knew Vikram was always going to be there now.

They entered the class the french class. And by god was Vikram right! The sex-ratio in their class of 40 people included 25 girls and just 15 boys. Adniz was relieved that he would be distracted from Rama and on the downside also his academics. He suddenly became aware of his ragged jeans, his wrinkled T-Shirt. He wished he had combed his hair, but everything was pointless now.

Vikram apparently realized what french class had to offer too, and he quickly muttered something about going to go get books or something in Adniz’s ear and ran off. Adniz ventured that Vikram was getting his hair combed or something, because Vikram had a comb in his two wheeler’s compartment.

Adniz went and sat on the seat that was marked for him. He looked around and didn’t see Rama at all. He became hopeful about her not being there.  A cute girl caught Adniz’s eye, she was walking towards him, her brown hair and her fair complexion made Adniz feel all hazy. He was staring at her and nodding blankly, she was saying something and he just kept nodding.

“Hello? Can you move? That’s my seat next to yours!”

He came back to his senses again, he got up excitedly and knocked down his own chair, and girl behind him screamed like she was being assaulted. Suddenly the entire class started to look at him,  and he awkwardly looked down and made way for his new partner. He wanted to rub it it into Vikram’s face, Vikram’s seat was just ahead of him and his partner looked like a troll.

Adniz Zinda smiled, this was his chance at a new beginning, and things were already looking up. 


Author’s Note - This marks the end of the 1st season of Adniz Zinda. He going to come back with new people and new stories, new incidents and new problems. Stay tuned for Adniz Zinda Season 2…


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