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Posted on Jun 13 2012 - 10:49am by Vardhan Karanjikar

I don’t claim this is strictly a guy thing, not when we live in a world where bearded ladies are considered as attractions in circuses. Still we can’t claim to understand the complexity of human minds completely. So let’s move onto more fundamental issues. The issue of the hairless male baby vs the issue of rugged, rough, and somewhat demented male. Which “look” is better? This is actually a tough cookie. Most people say that they like the clean shave better but somehow the rugged demented look always manages to catch eyes. So like always let’s analyze the issue.


The Hairless Male Baby:

The clean shave, the representative for all the mach ads. When a guy walks in with a clean shave then you know that this guy knows how to be presentable. Interviews and corporate meetings is all that you get from a guy with a clean shave. He can charm all the people in the room and still have that confident look to him. This guy is usually the innocent, and the good natured one. A clean shave is sure to get a good rapport with the opposite gender. Guys with clean shave have managed to get to get more “innocent” girls.

But the downside is the impression factor. He is the kind of guy that that most people would look at once and then forget. The most common guy can have a clean shave. Hence, that is what makes this guy look common. There is no mystery factor, and since we are all about anomalies we need a mystery factor.

The Rugged, Rough and Demented:

This guy is the mystery man. This guy is the one that wears boxers, the one that makes most of the mysterious look that he has. He is the one that would be seen as the cool and serene with hidden bouts of stupidity. The rugged look to him is what makes him wanted, he is sure to catch eyes. It’s the mystery in the guy that makes him wanted, but make sure that you have a good physique. Don’t do this if you are a fat person, because that is just going to make you look demented and scary.

If you are planning to go for this look, remember that you need a good beard growth pattern. If you are one of those people that develop a lion’s mane, avoid it. If you are one of those people that grow patches of circular beard structures that look like the nesting farms of moles, then definitely avoid it.

All in all, it always comes to your beard pattern. So the next time you are in this dilemma, analyze yourself, analyze your beard. True story.


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