Curiosity alive on Mars

Posted on Aug 6 2012 - 12:56pm by Vardhan Karanjikar

“This is one small turn for a rover, and a one big turn for mankind” – Yes its cheesy and its tweaked. It was today at 11 AM when history was made , again. NASA’s one and only rover “Curiosity” landed on the planet of Mars Yes Mars.

What is Curiosity? 

The Curiosity rover has a mass of 900 kg including 80 kg of scientific paraphernalia.

  • Dimensions: The rover is 3 m in length. Roughly like the size of an SUV.
  • Speed: Curiosity’s speed is estimated to be 90 m per hour. It is expected to travel a minimum of 19 km in its two-year mission.  Though that seems like less, trust us that is a big deal.
  • Power source: Curiosity is powered by a plutonium battery, these are expected to last more than a decade (wish you had one for your cellphone don’t you?)
  • Cost: The Rover costs a stunning and a jaw dropping $2.6 Billion. Take that every costly SUV company.


What is its point? 

Curiosity is a Rover that is on Mars to gather information. Here are the plans.

  • Determine whether Mars could ever have supported life. 
  • Study the climate.
  • Study the geology. 
  • Plan for a human mission.


Curiosity has proved that man made objects can function on Mars. This is a major breakthrough because it highlights the possibility of having a manned mission to Mars. The rover is supposed to explore Mars for two years by highlighting every possible chemical composition of the planet.

This is indeed a huge success story for NASA as this mission proves their might in entire space exploration age. There has been news of tie ups with three other countries that made this mission possible.

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A Brief Documentary on the Mars lander..(Courtesy: youtube channel-scishow)


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