Delhi Metro – Covenience At It’s Best!

Posted on Aug 21 2012 - 11:36am by Sarah Jacob

Delhi metro, which started it’s full-fledged operations in 2009, has made commuting convenient for Delhiites, especially from Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad which are part of NCR (National Capital Region), where commuting by buses and auto rickshaws costs you your peace of mind.

Crowded at peak hours, Delhi Metro, with its air-conditioned first class compartments, stops at important destinations of markets frequented by tourists and places like Parliament Street.

It has offered a solution to the over-crowded buses and heavily-charging auto rickshaw drivers. The Delhi Metro trains have a ladies coach, to ensure the safety of female commuters.

Commuting by Delhi Metro is an experience worth itself. You find number of types of people in the same coach as you. Be it people who tap their feet while listening to music through their earphones, people who stare at your dress and accessories wondering whether they could own the same one as you, people who get hyper when the coach is crowded, people who hold their belongings to themselves for the fear of being robbed or people who are busy talking on their expensive phones. Then, there are those who ask the route to their destination, as they are unknown to the world of daily metro commuters.

“I have always loved travelling by metro as it is not possible for me to travel daily by bus”, says Priya Baid, who daily travels from North Delhi to South Delhi to attend college. Ask Sabitha Jacob and she will tell you how metro is the only option for her. “I stay in East Delhi and once in a month, we have to go to the cloth markets in South Delhi. Travelling by metro is the only and the best option for us”, she says.

One trip by Delhi Metro will only tell how travelling has become convenient, which was once hellish for us, Delhiites. And hats off to the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) for this innovative project of theirs.

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