Education and the world…

Posted on Jul 7 2012 - 10:00am by Chanakya Takle

The education that is given to the generation today is terrible. Right from kindergarten they go through the process of authoritative discipline. They are always taught in the future sense; you will get into good school, college, university and job, nobody’s interested in what they learn as long as they rant out the answers. We embed children into these systems which are only oriented around getting money. Institutions like schools and colleges whose ‘motto’ says something like “Educating for Life” should not be proud of that motto because they are actually in all ways and means are structured around how much do they gain and save rather than how to make a student’s experience here more meaningful and healthy for his/her mind.

Education needs to be an experience of a lifetime. It takes a very unimaginative mind to take something so fascinating and peddle it for money. It’s not just the education system though; it’s the parents and guardians as well. A child’s religion is solely dependent on where on earth is he going to be born. Religion, though it may have some advantages, taints the life of a child. I think the fact that we live on a planet, a ball with so many things, along with some more planets revolving around a star; like many uncountable stars with their own planets twinkling in the sky; all from massive nebulas where stars are born in the billions of galaxies and all these, but dust, a streak in the entirety of the known universe. We are a part of that, not the idea of that thought. The idea of religion and the monetary, future centric, societal approach of our education does not do justice to the person’s mind. We indoctrinate them into religion and god, right from birth. I feel the idea of a god, is too pitifully naive, to be taken seriously in today’s era. We must look to what the world is, with all its overwhelming vastness that makes us feel so little, with its beginnings and ends and with its beauty. We don’t do it. We are scared about the idea of death, and we turn to someone who says there was this guy who made the universe and you shouldn’t do bad things to keep him happy; it seems to me like a funny horror movie, that people actually believe this. We are so stupid scared that majority of us believe it and feel responsible to make sure their kids believe the same! The want of living forever is a result of our fear of death, end of consciousness, end of thought. Religion exploits these fears and offers things like afterlife. It is a transparent demand supply situation, the product being a false explanation. Science or rationality, does not concern with what we want to be true, only with what is true. What is true might not be comforting. But that is the beauty of the universe, even stars die. Death is not an ending, there are no endings. What we call death, is nothing but a change, a beginning of something else.

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