Essential Pantry Ingredients

Posted on May 26 2012 - 11:38am by Archish Kashikar

Here’s a list of essentials I found on the MasterChef website that is a must to be

stocked in the pantries of “to be” chefs and people who love to experiment with food:





[box_dark]Meal Bases[/box_dark]

Pasta -           Spaghetti            Fettuccine             Penne                Fusilli
Rice -             Brown                  White                       Jasmine           Arborio
Beans            Cannelloni
Lentils          Couscous             Noodles

[box_dark]Herbs & Spices[/box_dark]

Sea salt          Peppercorns       Rosemary            Thyme              Cumin (seeds/ground)
Turmeric      Paprika                  Oregano               Chilli                  Coriander (seeds/ground)
Cinnamon    Nutmeg                  Cloves                  Cardamom      Vanilla pods/essence

[box_dark]Oils & Sauces[/box_dark]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil               Soy sauce              Mustard
Canola/Rice bran oil                Fish sauce             Peanut oil
Sesame seed oil                          Coconut Milk       Stock (Chicken/Beef)
Balsamic vinegar                       Tomato paste
Red /White Wine vinegar       Honey

[box_dark]Fruits, Veggies, Nuts & Seeds [/box_dark]

Tinned tomatoes                  Potatoes            Cashews nuts      Almonds
Tinned corn                            Onions               Pine nuts              Sesame seeds
Tinned Chickpeas                 Garlic                 Walnuts                 Peanuts



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