From Fine…To Fantastic! From Fixture…To Embellishment!

Posted on Oct 25 2011 - 6:47am by Binish Rupani

Whenever one of us in a fix, to excel a boring, casual outfit to a trendy, appealing look, we habitually opt for accessories like scarves, stilettos, bracelets, handbags, etc. A belt is one of the staple and prevalent ornamentations utilized in numerous ways to make an outfit protrude and stand out. Just imagine, by ethically adorning the right belt can make your look progress from monotonous to fab! Now, how instantaneous and cool is that?!

This elaboration on belts is typically for our ladies today. So sorry, boys! No offence that men introduced the belt practice with suiting up in basic, boring leather, it’s us, women now who carry it off better, “any day”! :P

Belts are the perfect way to usher in a chic pop of color, texture or bling to any outfit; this (used to be) waist-wringing item is one of few accessories that can take any outfit up a notch, more like a catalyst scientifically.  Traditionally worn for their aptitude for pulling in waists to create the most feminine of figures, belts are now migrating all over the torso, from just below the bust line, to the natural waist, and even slung low around the hips.

Initially, belts were modestly used to just keep your bottoms in place. Nothing catchy or glamorous about them, they were born out of basic. Not in this day and age, today belts are one of the essential and most fashionable accessories, available extensively and at rational prices.

They add spice and dazzle to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                your outfit and can accentuate the best bits of your figure. Adding on, they are effortless to use and available is so many shapes, designs and sizes that they can be matched with practically anything! A.W.S.O.M.E.N.E.S.S. is “the” word for em.

Belts can go a long way to adding brilliance and luster to your appearance. Belts diverge ranging from jeweled, fabric, thin, wide, classic and chain. Chunky, funky and trennnddddyyyy!  To get your look right, you need to know your body shape! Body shapes differ from rectangular, pear, apple and hourglass.

If your body is rectangular, it is more or less straight- up and down, like a ruler. Try contrasting-colored skinny belts at your thinnest part to create the illusion of curves since your body is straight and lacks bounces. For my Apple-shaped ladies, wear a wider belt at your hips to help balance out your top half, since you are heavy at the top and narrow at the bottom. Also play with asymmetry, placing one side lower than the other. You can also place it empire style beneath the bust to de-emphasize your tummy.

Beauties with a heavier bottom than the upper body, should adorn a wider belt at your natural waistline at your torso’s thinnest in order to draw attention to that area.

Lastly, my ideal figured sexy hourglass shaped females go for a wide belt around your natural waist to balance and enhance your curves.

Do not forget to keep in mind the occasion where you’re wearing the belt to. For a formal office look, elect a classic, thin belt in bright coleurs under bust or at the waist according to your body shape.  For dinner, brunch or a party, an under bust chunky belt with a basic number stands out. If it’s denim and a neat top, select a wide, huge buckled belt. There is a variety of new buckles ranging from animal faces, characters, bows and a hell lot to glorify the look! Wear it slant or wear it straight, but, wear it right.

For the male sexism, there isn’t much of a variety to boast of. With formals, a basic, dark, leather is the best. A decent buckle from a popular brand is the way to go. Classy and smart. For parties and events, experiment with bright colours and fabrics with funky buckles!

It’s amazing how belts work as an antidote in tough times. All you gotta do, is experiment correctly and you’re  set to outshow! Beltify your look. Be Beltastic!


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