Girl stereotypes!

Posted on Jan 25 2012 - 2:52pm by Niharika Nigam

Have you ever wondered why Men’s Magazines have women on their cover page, while Women’s Magazines, ALSO, have women on their cover page? Well, in most probability, you haven’t, because really, the answer is stupidly obvious: Men are obsessed with women, and women are obsessed with the women that the men are obsessed with.

Such keen interest in the others of our kind gives us, the girls, a sort of ‘point of reference’ that helps in determining how we are perceived. In doing so, we have ourselves made out certain ‘types’ of us. But I thought I’d go around asking the men themselves, because: A) It gives a fresh perspective, you know ‘coz they’re the ‘outsiders’ watching (ogling, staring, noticing would work here too) in. And B) ‘Coz they actually do this all the time anyway, so might as well familiarize ourselves with…


Girl Stereotypes:

1] The Pretty Girl-Next-Door:

The good girl, kinda shy, who will in most probability help HER guy in getting HIS girl and then wonder what she’s doing wrong. Even if it’s not as filmy as that, she’ll help you out nonetheless. This, ladies, is the ‘SAFE’ category: No one hates her, and she hates no one. The con is that she’s taken for granted a little too often. However, she is the most loyal friend you could have, and is assumed, by most, to run off into the sunset with the Happy Ending because, in any drama, she’ll always be the ‘Good One’.

2] The Hot and the High-Maintenance:

The girl who walks in wearing a mini skirt, high heels, a branded purse, and noticeable amounts of make-up gains direct entry into this prestigious category. Yelling at the waiter for a cup of coffee gone cold helps too. She is assumed to have no intellect whatsoever and is always flanked by her cronies who look like clones of each other, thanks to the same shade of lip gloss, hair streaks, nail polish… pretty much everything. She’ll always have a long list of guys wooing her, and she WILL rant about it at the drop of a hat, ‘coz the attention is becoming too much of a bother to her. She’s selfish, she’s proud, and she’ll drive you crazy.

3] The Super Intelligent:

Now there are those that are super talented, super intelligent, super efficient, but their social skills go way down into the negative somewhere. They are highly competitive and look down on all others. More often than not, looks is a touchy subject with them: in all probability they’re the ones with the big glasses, hair tied back, clothes- the simplest available. They propagate the funda that it’s not the appearance of a person that matters, but rather the substance of one’s character. They’ve probably invented it themselves. According to them, the girls that are much into looks, and the boys that run after those with the looks, are annoyingly shallow, and hence inferior.

4] The Feminist:

You do NOT want to rub her the wrong way. She’s the fiercely independent kind, with an opinion about EVERYTHING. She talks and walks like a know-it-all. Unlike the ‘Super Intelligent’ category, which is more ‘book-smart’, these kinds believe themselves to be the more ‘street-smart’. She’s a practical girl and if you expect her to stand by you in a fight, just because she’s your friend, you’d be sadly mistaken. She will always stand for what’s right. And the sweet guy that opens doors for her, carries her heavy bags in the mall, pays her share of the bill in the café? Well, she hates him, he’s too chauvinistic.


Now the truth is that there are too many girls, and too few stereotypes. For as long as women shall walk the earth, as many girls as there are, that many, many categories there will be. For each one of us is just as different as we are similar. Perceptions change and evolve and are, quite frankly, pretty baseless and unreliable accounts of a person’s character. And yet sometimes you need to know who you are to know what to do and how to do it. Like I said, as girls, we always need a point of reference, don’t we? My only piece of advice would be to not start identifying with a particular stereotype so much, that the person that you really are gets lost somewhere, just because the world tells you that that’s who you are. Don’t hide behind the veil of a stereotype. Dare to be who you are. As complicated as you might be, as whimsical, as crazy, always remember, that you’re beautiful. As a girl, that’s the one thing that you always will be, no matter what. Go ahead and MAKE the world believe that.

So here’s to Girl Power!


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