Hausla… Help them find their feet…

Posted on Jul 4 2012 - 8:37pm by Bharat Nadkarni

‘Hausla’- A run to support ‘special’ kids!’ is India’s first rally for handicapped kids. Data shows that there are more than 1500 handicapped kids in and around Nashik district. From the mentally challenged,blind to the deaf and dumb, these not so fortunate brethren are no less than us! In a wave to support these kids, a few city youngsters along with support from various groups around the city bring an event that is rare and one of its kind.

This marathon is basically an attempt to bring light to the cause of these kids. When our team visited the schools housing such kids,we found that these are very talented and have high hopes and dreams like everyone else. At ‘Hausla’,we plan to showcase their talents ranging from rope mallakhambh to pyramids, from dancing to drawing, a move to provide them with the confidence they need to succeed at their acts in the future. Be ready to be shaken! The level of professionalism these kids bring to their work is awe-inspiring and something to look forward to. These stars in their own little universe bring to you an event par excellence.

The events will be followed by a small 1km walk. The team of ‘Hausla’ hope to see you there to support these kids. Please remember,not everyone is lucky like us. These kids have to go through a lot only for basic survival,something that we take for granted. And to overpower their handicap and carry dreams and a slick talent to fulfill them, all they need is a bit more motivation. Your presence means a lot to them :) This is not just-another-marathon,its a marathon with a difference, to provide these kids with the inspiration they need. BE THERE!

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