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Contrary to popular belief, the web is not just about checking your Facebook updates or downloading Usher’s latest single. There are things far more interesting and meaningful. Here I’ve highlighted a few such websites which I believe are a bit out-of-the-box but very amusing nonetheless. Bookmark right away!

This one is my personal favourite. Listverse gives you the Top 10 in thousands of topics like Bizarre Robberies, Evil Businessmen, Simpsons Quotes etc.  The topics are so varied it’s sure to leave you spell-bound.

The best online graphical dictionary/thesaurus I know. It gives you not just the meaning or synonyms of the word but also tells you about derivations, subsets, participles etc. Its interface is a bit complicated, but it has been explained in their footnote.

This website is delightfully profound and cheeky. It aims at telling men how to ‘improve’ themselves. You would have probably read some of these on their Facebook page. Also, high on the humour quotient!

This site is about online shopping / window shopping of products you’ve never really imagined yourself buying. Probably the only website which sells Jetpacks and ‘Camera Lens Coffee Mugs’. In other words, a website which is sure to pique your fancy. All said, the only thing to worry about is whether  your wallet allows such extravaganza.

Ever wondered how you can hack a snack vending machine? You’ll find an answer to this and many more such irrelevant (well, mostly) questions here. In their own words, this website helps you ‘Create, Pontificate and Receive Kudos for sharing your Mad Skills.’

360Cities is basically about viewing photos in 360O .It also hosts photos of many Indian cites like Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi etc. So you see not just the things in the pic, but you can also look around! Also, you can Sign Up and upload your own photos. A must-see for the photography-buffs out there!

This website is for that internet troll in you! It lets you create memes of your own very easily. So this website helps you increase your facebook value :p Y U NO visit this site immediately!

I am pretty sure that most of you must be visiting IMDb regularly. But I’ve still included it in this list because a website as awesome as this can’t be ignored. IMDb has the trailers of movies up for release, the box office collections of films that are running, celeb birthdates, movie/TV show ratings , movie reviews (by both, critics as well as the general audience),other Hollywood related news etc. When I feel like wasting time, I prefer IMDb over other websites!


All of us love creative TV ads .BestAdsEver is a collection of many such insane commercials which are thoroughly amusing. Although none of the ads here are Indian, I am sure that you’ll have a good laugh watching them.

This photo and video blog captures some Ultra-mega FAILS! There are no special effects involved, just regular people doing absolutely idiotic things! Here you’ll see sports mishaps, advertising faux pas, poor clothing choices and other totally random stuff. ADDICTIVE!


So that’s it. Enjoy!

(PS: I wouldn’t have known all these websites without the one website which has totally changed the way we surf the net. Google! )

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  • Deepika Singh

    Wow man, I am surely trying all of those. But I think u missed one website over there.

    • Suraj Iyer

      Um. Scribido?

  • Sahil Pujari

    Awesome job bro! I checked them and they are really amazing! You provided a “fun-way” of learning. Thanks! :)

    • Suraj Iyer

      thanks man!

      • Sourabh Jagirdar

        dude they are really awesome and i guess from now onwards i wont waste much time on facebook.

        • Suraj Iyer