“In Remembrance” and “The Life of a Beggar”

Posted on May 31 2012 - 2:49pm by Team Scribido

The following poems have been written by “Aditya Pandit”



When night and darkness pervade
The good ole house goes to sleep and the trees grow silent

The vibrations of my town cease
And even the ticking of the clock yonder makes a din

The insect’s creek and the owls and bats screech
While the dogs howl at the sinful prowler

The student, his awareness he increases
While the yogi, in silence, religiously contemplates

Some reach the point of ecstasy, dwelling on their union
While others drink themselves dumb to the sorrow of separation

But I, my dear, lie awake with our yellow nightly lamp
For Thine bright face and shining eyes snatch away my sleep

Only I know how sorry I am to not have you here
The pillow still has your fragrance and I keep it near

The reminiscence of your anger, brings a smile on my old face
And your care a few tears
Your breath is like the elixir of life and your voice my strength

The fire of your courage gives me hope
The love that you gave everybody keeps me from being alone

Though lost you I have, forgotten you never have I
Missing you dearly, I will pass away my days, by and by…

Ah! The dawn approaches and I must get up now
For there is tea to prepare and a whole world out there





The dirty stone pavement is my humble abode
The mucky overused shirts, my dress code

My ever-empty stomach does loudly growl
Satiate it cannot, the few rupees in my bowl

Homeless, unnamed, and uncared,
To the bone itself, I have been scarred

I roam the streets of those with riches
And marvel at their life that seems to be without glitches

It is difficult for me to obtain anybody’s trust
My hopes for employment gather more and more rust

As my chances of survival get slimmer
My wrath for the rich violently simmer’s

Justice it seems, does not exist
And my kind, have no longer the strength to resist

Pity has been replaced by disgust
And our dreams have been shattered to dust

“Sir! Give me some money Sir! God will bless you with good fortune”
Is my slogan for life, and

A miracle, a change in fate,
Is the only thing that I eagerly await!







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