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Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 10:13pm by Team Scribido

Nikhil Chandwani, an engineering student of eighteen, is all set to enter the league of young Indian authors. A resident of Nagpur, Nikhil is extremely excited about the launch. Here is an account of our chat with the young novelist.

 Scribido: It’s wonderful that you are soon to be a published author, and you are just          18! Please tell us a little about your journey towards this great achievement.

Nikhil: I started my journey with the essence of poetry. Before being an author, I was a poet. I wrote poems for everything that surrounded me. I wrote for different poetic websites. I was an aspiring engineer living a boring life on competitive exams; then suddenly, I broke up, and I broke up yet again! With this series of humorous situations, I decided to pen down a novel and make a life out of it.

Scribido: Oh . . . So the break-ups were responsible to encourage the author within you. Please tell us a little about your new book.

Nikhil: This novel is based on true incidents. My life had chosen a road that had enough material to entertain the world. It’s a diary of a teen flirt who has started his journey as an introvert. He has lived his moment by practically enjoying each and every intimate scenes he saw on censored websites by falling and failing in love. It’s a series of different stories. Every story starts with few poetic lines which are followed by a short story, and this story again ends with few poetic lines and lessons for introverts. It’s basically an array of short linked stories based on true incidents.

Scribido: How tough was it to find a publisher? And how did you finally grabbed one?

Nikhil: It’s indeed difficult for publishers to trust an 18-year-old guy. It took me a lot of time, but then, with god’s grace and Google search, I got what I was looking for.

Scribido: What inspired you to write your first book?

Nikhil:  After getting admission in VIT Vellore, I saw a lot of talented people pushing themselves to the limit. Even I wanted a lot of readers and thankfully these thoughts covered my head when I was high. I took my laptop and started to pen down my journey with a series of relationships.

Scribido: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Nikhil: You may think it’s impossible for a flirty novel to reflect a lesson but my novel is itself a lesson. The lead character in the novel started as an introvert. It’s a lesson for all the introverts that get dreams of love, sex and sex without love.

Scribido: Many college students are now-a-day aspiring to be authors; any suggestion to them?

Nikhil: For all the aspiring authors, patience is the need for an hour. Stay patient before and after writing the novel. It’s hard to write but gets harder to find a right publisher.  Take your time and pen down classics. Talent is respected in India but a ‘Smart’ talent is respected more.

Scribido: When is the book releasing, and how can the readers buy it?

Nikhil: The book will be launched by the June end . . . 21st of June tentatively. It’ll be available on all the major book selling websites.

Scribido: What are your expectations for the book?

Nikhil: It’s my debut novel. But still, I have kept high expectations seeing the number of introverts in India. Introverts would love reading the story, scholars would love reading the poetic lines, flirts would love reading the flirting ways, cheats would love reading there life and love birds would love reading the love story.

Scribido: This was your first official interview, how was the feeling?

Nikhil: Living my dreams these days with an upcoming novel and now this interview. It was fun.  Had Goosebumps initially, but it was fun answering the questions.

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