“Kahaani”- Seriously stunning and simply flawless,Vidya “delivers”,literally!! ****

Posted on Mar 10 2012 - 9:32am by Rahul Kekan

Once upon a time in our film industry there was this famous saying ,”In Bollywood,only two things sell,one is SEX and the other is SRK”.With the release of KAHAANI we bid farewell to that stupid quote because all that I can see selling at the box office today are some authentic and soulful scripts. Bollywood directors have repeatedly failed miserably at handling the genre of ” thriller”, ending up with crap like Players,Cash,Luck etc. Bored of all those predictable Abbas-Mustan lame thrillers?? Say “Hi” to the all new genre of dramatic thriller explored in Kahaani.

Reviewing this Kamini Kahaani is going to be one challenging task ,not only for me but for all critics .Why? You will get your answer after you watch it.Lets start then…

After winning our hearts and taking home a bagful of awards for her consistent critically appreciated performances in “Ishqiya“,”No one killed Jessica” and her latest jaw dropping act in “The Dirty picture” ,National award-winning actress,Vidya Balan continues her victory lap with her powerpacked act in Kahaani.



As the title expresses itself,it is a tale of Vidya Arnab Bagchi,a London-based NRI who flies down to Kolkata during her third semester of  pregnancy(too technical eh?) in search of her mysterious husband.The entire movie is based on the backdrop of Kolkata and revolves around the events that take place in solving this jigsaw puzzle,with each event leaving you questioned about what is exactly happening with her and constantly increasing your curiosity levels to the heights of Himalayas.Various characters unveil themselves gradually and you start realising this movie isn’t something that you were thinking about at the ticket counter.You experience a roller-coaster ride once the movie paces up and things start co-relating with each other.



Vidya Balan as Vidya Bagchi plays the protagonist of this investigation about her missing husband.We immediately connect with her as her blind faith in her husband is something which we are quite familiar with in Bollywood.She is this pregnant woman marching briskly on spooky streets of Kolkata,refusing to face the reality,with just one motive in mind and a reflection of confidence in each and every act.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui of Peepli live fame as the Nana Patekar types arrogant cop with crystal clear principles aka osool ,who stands tall(in spite of his short stature) in the way of Vidya Bagchi due to some confidential reasons*spoiler dodged*.Although the character is very stereotyped he plays his part excellently.

Parambrata Chattopadhyay as the helpful cop who understands Vidya’s problem and risks his job to find Arnab Bagchi (a rare policeman indeed).His innocent looks go well with his character . Scores less on expression department.

Rest of the cast is full of adorable Bengali faces selected carefully to weave an intelligent thriller.Not to forget the Joker like smiling contract killer played by  Saswata Chatterjee who scares every single person in the movie hall whenever he makes an entry.You almost skip a heartbeat one second before intermission,all thanks to him.



After tasting the bitterness of failure in past with senseless movies like “Alladin” and “Home delivery“(with just one hit “Jhankar beats“) ,Sujoy Ghosh surprises you with this stunning thriller.Every part of the story unfolds so smoothly that there is a perfect combo of suspense without much complexity.The narrative keeps the audience guessing at every instance.The mixing of two entirely different plots that of Vidya’s missing husband and the conspiracy in the intelligent bureau is stitched finely,allowing a brilliant script to blossom.
Vidya Balan literally carries the movie on her strong shoulders that too with ease.Her acting skills were never an issue but in this one she shows how important mannerisms are in playing a character.We can see her detailed research on her character in every frame.From her pregnant gait to her never-say-die attitude in spite of her physical condition,every scene is crafted to perfection. Even the mistakes you point out during the movie are given full proof justification in the end*read this line after you finish watching* .

The screenplay and cinematography go hand in hand adding to the suspense of the story.We discover Kolkata like never before.The music too has a Bengali flavour to it.Amitabh Bachchan’s “Ekla chalo re” is soothing due to its thoughtful placing.It isn’t a typical Vishal -Shekhar album for a change.

The best part of the movie is its climax.One of the finest climax we have seen lately.It actually makes you go”WHAT THE F#cK!!”.No scope of “abrupt-ending” or “not-convincing end” complains in this one.It is simply awesome!!



If you are a CID fan then this is going to be one long episode.Daya and ACP will be missed.All throughout the movie we wonder why the hell don’t they search ARNAB BAGCHI on Facebook!! The name is hammered on you so many times that you may screw yourself up by texting “I LOVE YOU… ARNAB BAGCHI” instead of your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name while a BBM chat during interval.Also  if all the cops in Kolkata were so co-operative then they would surely get all the missing cases from India.One jumps off his seat when a love track starts playing in the middle of something shit serious!!Overall not many moments to look out for.


Final say-

I go with FOUR STARS for Sujoy Ghosh’s  dramatic thriller KAHAANI.After “A Wednesday” ,this is one intelligent thriller full of sensible  twists. Thanks to Vidya Balan there is now a wave of female-centric films in Bollywood which once seemed to be impossible.Overall there are basically no noticeable flaws in the movie.Maybe the movie’s grip on you is strong enough to calm down the critic .”KAHAANI” ‘s category of audience is hard to be defined as it offers paisa vasool entertainment to all.Movies like Kahaani are the future of Bollywood ,make sure you welcome the change with a smile.

Bottom line- KAHAANI is a horse of long race,which means even if you miss it this weekend you will surely watch it in the rest of the week because it is definitely going to be the talk of the town.

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    Fantastic Review! Answers the question ‘Why to watch ‘Kahaani’ ?’ and leaves the reader with a determination to surely book a ticket for the upcoming weekend! :D

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    Nice one Rahul !!!
    D muvi is fantabulously put forwrd !!!!! Luvd Vidya’s performance. She’s cum up wid her best !
    Sujoy Ghosh’s script n direction show no ‘pregnant’ pauses. :D
    It slams home a shock worth dat a thriller rightly requirements. D story rilly grips u n leaves u at a dramatic high.

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  • Rahul Kekan

    @rashmi kale….Thank you. Sure it is one of Vidya’s finest performance till date.About the grip on audience,full marks to script and direction.Happy reading :)

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    Hi Rahul,

    Congratulations for a well written review.

    It would have been nice if there were ratings for individual departments which can justify the overall Rating. Just my thought.

    Also, by ” her third semester of pregnancy(too technical eh?)”, did you mean “third trimester” ?.

    [Please see http://pregnancy.about.com/od/trimesterguide/a/3rdtrimester.htm

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Rahul Kekan

      Thank you!! I’ll definitely think over your rating suggestion.About the trimester thing,that was intentional,considering non-medicos won’t understand ;) . Happy that someone noticed it .

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