Monsoons, Masti and Magic- Malhar is Back!

Posted on Aug 6 2012 - 2:13am by Bianca Honnekeri

It’s that time of the year again. Social networking sites have been set aflutter (or, shall we say, a-twitter); and every media column that tries to capture the buzz of Bombay (or more politically correct, the masala of Mumbai) is now talking about just one event.

Malhar 2012.

And in tribute to the frenzy and popular support that has always welcomed Malhar in the City of Dreams, Malhar has decided to have a theme that’s truly Bombaiyya- this year, folks, get ready to hop aboard ‘Malhar Local’ for a journey to remember!

Now in its 34th year, Malhar is organized by an army of 1200 students and is experienced by over 30,000 people from all over the country. And this year Malhar promises to be everything you’ve hoped for and more. As Chairperson-Malhar 2012, Aadi Vaidya puts it “the aim is to retain and enhance the glory of Malhar through better participation, improved quality of events, transparent results and a sustainable coordination with the autonomous system of education in the college.”

St Xavier’s College is consistently ranked amongst the top 10 colleges in our country. This year, they invite one and all to experience what the average Xavierite feels about their beloved home city.
As the Xavierites say, “In between the sips of cutting chai, the banter of fisherwomen, the blaring of car horns; in between the slew of packed trains, the haggling of sweaty street markets; in between the flowing of a dirty river, the navigating of jam-packed roads, and playing of the latest Bollywood hit… at some vague point of time, you realize that you have arrived somewhere you’ve always belonged.”

Vice-Chairperson (Management) Vishakha Acharya says “’Malhar Local’ represents the city of Mumbai and all that it has to offer – right from the crowded local trains, to the breathtaking seafront views, to the glamour of Bollywood! There is something about this city that instantly makes you fall in love with it and this year, we want to celebrate that.”

And they have a great celebrity to champion all their causes and herald the festivities. Their mascot, Puddles the Frog! Here in the land of Xavierites, Puddles the Frog represents the monsoon and all that is associated with Malhar.

As promised, to be bigger and better than ever before, Malhar this year has loads of new things to offer. In keeping with the changing outlook of the country’s citizenry, this year they are ensuring more transparency. On the final days of Malhar, the score sheets will be kept on display for an HOUR after the completion of each event.

According to their press release, other never-done-before events include-

• All Day Workshops

1. Paint My Ride-
Paint cycles, which will then be given to underprivileged kids.
2. D-Code D-Cube
Learn to master the art of solving this brainteaser in less than two minutes.

• Social Cause

1. Design-A-Smile
Participants are required to send in their T-shirt designs based on a theme, and the two winning designs will be printed on T-shirts and given to children in need.
2. Yard Sale
The proceeds of this sale will go to an organization which needs all the help it can get.

• FA Exhibition
This year, the FA Exhibition brings to you a vivid depiction of ‘The Wall’ in all its glory as well as its obscure forms. Watch brutal truths and pristine joys come alive with the simple strokes of a brush as they breathe life into the lesser-known aspects of existence!

• Lounge Of Fame
The LA lounge pays tribute to one of man’s greatest powers – his ability to create music. They hold in high esteem, those men and women who transcend the commonplace in the genres of Jazz, Rock n Roll and the Blues, and enshrine their genius in the Lounge of Fame.

So guys, make sure you have your respective college ID cards and rail passes to CST handy, this is one fest that promises to be quite the ride!
Watch this space, the Event List will be out soon!

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