New kid on the block! “You & Me & Our Relationship” is finally out!

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20th April, 2012
Press Club, Sector-27

Ravinder Singh, the Author of “I too had a Love story” and “Can Love happen twice?” launched a book titled “You & Me & Our Relationship” which is written by Nikhil Mukhija.

The book is about the “PSYCHOLOGY OF ATTRACTION”, and is supposedly the first ever book in India written upon this subject.  During the launch Ravinder Singh talked to the media about issues like, mushrooming of chic lit authors, lack of authors from literature background, substance in writings by the young authors and many more. Ravinder’s words were “One has to write what readers can relate to, yet one should write for himself, not according to what can earn you easy fame or quick money, you need to have a substance in your book and the thing goes wrong when a young author writes keeping in mind what is going on Facebook, there is no originality”

Tackling the question about the quality in chic lit writing he answered-“We cannot compare the 2 categories, heavy literature has their own class of readers while what I write or what other authors like write have their own readers”, it may be a fact that most of the non literature background is getting published that is why this question is being raised but that is not the point, since they are 2 different genres.

About the book, Ravinder said- “Although I haven’t read the book completely, but whatever I have read, it was good, a language that is friendly for all, and illustrative examples to make it an interesting read along with intermittent dosage of laughter. It is good that we have young writers entering into the nonfiction world, as opposed to writing a fictional book stating same old campus story where one of the two protagonist breaks up to give the story a sad ending.

Nikhil (the author) was asked the inspiration behind writing such a book to which he replied -

“There were two main reasons that inspired me to write this book:-
1) There are many people out there who cannot be with the one they love from the bottom of their heart just because they don’t know how to present themselves, some honest and true who are idiots when in terms of dealing with the opposite sex (and needless to say I was there once too) so despite being true in their emotions they fail to make their partners realize the extent of their love and thus somebody else steps in and sweeps them away from them, and all this is just because when one is in love, one is the weakest, nervous and self conscious about how to behave in front of him/her.
2) The main reason was suicide. Every year a number of youngsters put an end to their life when they fail to get the one they loved, and I had a close friend who was about to commit the same.

This moved me and made me resolved enough to do something about it on a bigger level and one day an idea struck me, Why not write a book about it?”

Nikhil was also asked “How can a 20 year old guy be a guide to love or relationships?”

 To which he curtly replied- “It is a bit odd to see a young author writing a nonfiction book, but the thing is, that since it is related to youngsters only i.e. age group of 13-25, so only a young author can understand what is going on in the minds of youngsters and moreover, when one is in love, one is very self conscious and even though he might be a great company but he/she is unable to project himself correctly in front of the one she/he loves. So and moreover, I have vividly recalled all the mistakes I had committed in my first relationship, and as they say, nothing teaches us more than the mistakes. I also did some research by reading and studying books upon psychology by world class authors like Shafin De Zane and others, “The Three principles” is one of the chapters adapted from his book, and I personally was quite influenced a lot by it and I am sure Readers will be benefited from it too.

About the Author:

Nikhil, too young for his thoughts, is an engineering student by his karma at UIET, Kurukshetra hailing from Panchkula. Smitten by the love bug; he delves into the creative caves and explores the side that was trying to surface itself for the past 20 years of his existence. He aspires to pursue marketing from a premier B-School. Apart from writing, he pretends to be a poet, a singer, a debater and spends his time studying psychology, philosophy, programming, stage handling and marketing. Arrest him at or of course or at

His philosophy is that behind every successful guy there is a girl who rejects him, but then had she not dumped him; he would never have been successful!

We wish Nikhil all the best for his first book.
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The Book is up for preorder at with an option of cash on delivery and will be released in the market by 5th of May, 2012–&_r=HDIwT2cunyCCnTzI6xvyGg–&ref=1b5d810e-2cc1-4b44-981a-f717324d956b



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