Nokia’s comeback – New, Now.

Posted on Mar 20 2012 - 12:21am by Paras Valecha

There was a time when Nokia was the undisputed leader in the mobile phone industry. Then came the iPhone. Apple’s philosophy of bringing multi-touch tech to smartphones and making the user experience simpler then ever changed everything, literally. Then came Android, a fairly powerful open-source smartphone OS with Google’s backing.With the rising popularity of the iPhone that ‘just works’ and the more powerful Android platform, Nokia’s Symbian based devices just couldn’t compete anymore. Nokia has always been excellent in terms of hardware design, antenna performance and battery life. Nokia’s global reach and it’s location-based assets are pretty strong as well. All of this has kept Nokia from losing it’s no. 1 position but the fact that Nokia’s market share is on a constant fall can’t be denied. Symbian has been updated thrice. The name Symbian has been dropped in favor of ‘Nokia Belle’ now but Nokia knows that if it wants to be a major contender in the smartphone industry, it needs to change the way it operates.

Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia, said just over a year ago, “Nokia’s been facing challenging and very dynamic times right now.”


Microsoft introduced its next generation smartphone platform a while back – Windows Phone 7. It’s a pretty fresh take on smartphone user experience design & functionality. Windows Phone is nothing like anything else on the market. It’s faster, simpler, better. It’s built around the ideas such as ‘Putting People First’, ‘Glance and Go’ information and making stuff easier, faster & more organized. Nokia and Microsoft announced a strategic alliance which said that Windows Phone is and will be Nokia’s primary platform for its smart devices.


After a year, here we are with Nokia’s first Windows Phone device – the Nokia Lumia 800.


Nokia introduced a stunning hardware design approach with the N9 and continued to use it in the Lumia 800 and the upcoming Lumia 900 Windows Phone devices. The Lumia 800 is made from a single block of injection molded polycarbonate shell that looks and feels outstanding. The laminated ClearBlack display and the curved glass add to the feeling of quality. Being an owner of the device myself, I can only say that it feels more ‘premium’ than anything I’ve ever held before. I’d go as far as saying that the Nokia Lumia 800 design is one of the best smartphone designs in history. That’s not an exaggeration. The device feels extremely solid, extremely well-built. The feel of the device is just unmatched. Most importantly, it feels that it was built for Windows Phone. The ClearBlack display, the curved glass, the one piece body really generates the feeling that the hardware and the software were designed by one company. Also, these devices are available in a wide range of beautiful colours as well. These things will make Nokia stand out from the rest of the ‘black or white’ pack.


Camera’s in Nokia’s smart devices use Carl Zeiss approved optics which is one of the big differentiators for them. Plus, technologies like the upcoming PureView 808 with a whopping 41MP camera are going to create a lot of buzz and attention. I won’t be shocked to see this imaging technology in one of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone devices.


Along with the Lumia 800, Nokia also launched the Lumia 710 which has the same internals as the 800 but at a lower price point. Nokia has introduced the upcoming Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 devices as well bringing Windows Phone to a wide variety of price points. Key to the success of any platform/brand.


Nokia is the world leader when it comes to location-based services. A huge reason for this is Nokia’s aquisition of Navteq. Nokia has provided value-added apps like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport accross it’s Windows Phone lineup. Free turn-by-turn voice guided navigation is awesome, isn’t it?


Rather than relying on 3rd party vendors to create accessories for it’s Lumia lineup, Nokia has released awful lot of really slick accessories including speakers, Bluetooth headsets, Wireless receivers, headphones, pretty much all equipped with NFC and in a variety of colours. Nokia’s partnership with Monster should prove to be a good deal as well.


Nokia’s global reach is one of the reasons it still maintains the position as the world leader. Their strong brand awareness across the globe will help drive Windows Phone to different geographies and market positions. Without great marketing, awesome products fail miserably. To prevent this from happening, Microsoft and Nokia are spending millions of dollars in the marketing segment. Print advertising, TV advertising, preparing sales people in Nokia Stores and Microsoft Stores worldwide are starters. Microsoft’s ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ and Nokia’s similar ‘Blown Away by Nokia Lumia’ campaigns add to the marketing blitz.

It isn’t a battle of devices anymore, it’s a war of ecosystems.

Nokia introduced it’s Lumia family of products just 4 months ago and it is now the number 1 seller of Windows Phone devices. I think it’s safe to say that Nokia is back!

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  • Cory RS

    You can’t deny that, if nothing else, Nokia makes the most beautiful phones!

    • Paras Valecha

      Agreed. :)

  • urvansh

    Yep he is TRUE. Nokia is sure on its way to the goodness. This could be their savoir phone and legendary tales could come. Just like the nexus one this could be a legend windows phone. And could help both Windows Phone and Nokia to come up with the sales.

    • Paras Valecha

      The Nexus One didn’t sell well, actually.

  • Bimal

    Very nicely written. Yes, Nokia is back, but its just the start. Its still a long way to go to regain that lost position as a world leader.

    • Paras Valecha

      Technically, Nokia still is the world leader in the mobile phone industry in terms of market share. It is tumbling constantly though. Lumia should change this.

  • davidvkimball

    Excellent article! Good background on Nokia and summary of where they stand now.

    All I can say is…this article makes me want to get a Nokia Lumia 900 even more…

    • Paras Valecha

      I understand how you feel. :)

  • Ankit

    agree! I remember the time when Nokia was simply only trustworthy name but than comes Samsung with Android and suddenly everything changed. good to see finally Nokia came up with something new & good.
    If i am to buy smartphone i’d go with Nokia Lumia!

    • Paras Valecha

      That would be a good choice. I’m very happy with my Lumia 800. :)

  • Archie

    mahn U r awesome…Suprised 2 cee nitdroid… Valecha write abou it plz plz plz …

    • Paras Valecha

      This article is about what Nokia’s doing as a company to regain it’s domination in the mobile phone industry not about what the hacking community is doing with the N9. Thanks for the compliements, though. :)

  • Giovani Delgado

    Nokia is back but there’s still a challenge in north america, we’ll see what happens after the launch of the Lumia 900 and it’s marketing strategies.

    • Paras Valecha

      The Lumia 900 with 4G LTE and the 99$ price point should do well, certainly.

  • Peter Ericson

    An interesting and well-written article that makes it clear that Nokia is indeed back. The sentence “It isn’t a battle of devices anymore, it’s a war of ecosystems” really hits the nail on the head.

    • Paras Valecha

      Exactly! Thanks for the nice comment! :)

  • Lukas Greb

    Nice to read article with many good points. Good work :)
    Maybe a few videos too much, but it´s fine ;)

    • Paras Valecha

      Thanks. :)

  • Uday Vaswani

    I to am a big fan of Nokia. I am going to Buy Lumia 710. But confused shall i think of samsung Omia W. Or Lumia 610 also . Help !!!

    • Paras Valecha

      The Samsung Omnia W and the Nokia Lumia 710 have the same specs. The Lumia 710 has exclusive Nokia apps like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, Creative Studio, Play To etc. The Omnia W has a front facing camera which the Lumia 710 lacks. Both have a 3.7 inch display. Omnia W’s Super AMOLED display is better than Lumia 710′s LCD ClearBlack display. Overall, the Omnia W excels hardware wise & the Lumia 710 excels software wise because of some great exclusive Nokia apps. If you don’t care about Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, get the Omnia W. The Lumia 610 is an upcoming device which is based on the Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Refresh’ platform (aka Tango). It’s a pretty low end phone with much lower specs than the two devices mentioned above. I’d advice not going for it, if possible. Good luck.

  • Hitesh Sachdev

    Nokia’s battery life & hardware are just not compareable & they gave the best of it in Nokia Lumia 800 & Nokia lumia 900. The first statement i loved in the post was Windows Phone is bulit around the ideas such as “PUT PEOPLE FIRST” & “GLANCE AND GO”

    • Paras Valecha

      Agreed. Nokia’s hardware is one of the best, if not the best. And yeah, Microsoft has created something truly awesome in Windows Phone. Metro changes everything.

  • Hitesh Sachdev


    • Paras Valecha

      I’m pretty sure the audio and imaging technologies in PureView will come to Nokia’s Windows Phone “Lumia” devices as well.

  • Rajan

    hey i think u have missed update about Belle OS by Nokia it is also a great step by nokia towards unreacheable height in mobile industry…so now its all the corners have become smooth.
    anyways i think now nokia ready to serve the world…..with it OS and Windows phone OS. and others will hardly be able break the realtionship between Nokia and Windows phone OS..

    • Paras Valecha

      I don’t think Belle is anything necessary to keep Nokia competent. I think Belle was released just to support the aging Symbian OS and to create a positive Nokia mindshare value for consumers.

  • Prasad

    Really nice article on the comeback of Nokia!!!

    • Paras Valecha


  • Nitesh Singh

    Nokia is the best.
    Lumia is simply great.

    • Paras Valecha

      Yep, the existing Lumia line has been very impressive.

  • SagarJuriani

    Nokia >>>>>> any other mobile making firm at present in the market :D Nokia FTW

    • Paras Valecha

      They are the most exciting smartphone OEM at the moment, indeed.

  • Tushar

    Nokia just got better and better. After windows phone it became the best in the business.
    Very descriptive and detailed article. Good job!