Parlance Publishers are all set to launch their first novel, Little LuckNow

Posted on Jul 15 2012 - 9:44pm by Chanakya Takle

Love—undoubtedly the most beautiful emotion in human life, an emotion that has no parallel, a universal theme for every art, from poems to paintings, a legendary feeling that has ruled the world for ages, a phenomenon that has structured the evolution of mankind to what it is now.

It is a fact that the young generation is very much attracted towards the word ‘Love’ nowadays, but can a child fall in love and actually mean it?

Little LuckNow, a novel by the well-known author, Nitya Prakash, is based on the same question. An intriguing story said from the perspective of Kapil, an eleven year old boy who goes through the same phase in his life; the novel is a run through his mind when he falls in Love.

Little LuckNow is the third book by Nitya Prakash; he has previously written two books ‘Dear, I Hate you’ (2011) a romantic fiction and ‘R.I.P. In the name of Love’ (2012) which is a fictional thriller.

Interestingly, Little LuckNow is the first book to be published by Parlance Publishers, a new publishing house that came into existence by a brilliant strategy and hard work of three youngsters: Aman Sharma, Pankaj Agrawal and Ritesh Agarwal.

The yet-to-be-released book that has already caught the eyes of thousands of readers is being marketed by Author’s Empire Literary Company, a prestigious literary organization that provides literary agents, book marketing, and editorial services.

The book is scheduled to launch on 25th of July in a grand launch ceremony in Vesta Maurya Palace, Jaipur.

With an interesting, fresh, and innocent story-line, Little LuckNow is sure to top the Best-Seller charts very soon.

-  A report by Gautam Santhosh






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