PM to include “Right to Silence” in the Constitution to formally have the power to remain Silent.

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On the eve of Independence, though the speech was copy-pasted from last year and he is doing the same since 8 years, finally PM Silent Singh decided to do something unprecedented. This time he chose to shut all his critics; well, he thought his sycophants already did as he gave freebies and goodies to all news channel, but people of India became too nifty to  follow these news channels.

The Constitution of India gives Indian citizens six fundamental rights through its articles from 19 to 32. So, on 15th August, 2012 our PM called special joint session of the Parliament to amend the existing article on rights and include a special right called: Right to Silence.

Right to Silence is a special kind of right exclusively bestowed upon the PM, who is a sacred symbol of Silence. Come what may, our PM never opens his mouth on any issue. Poor him!! What can he do when his Italian Idle doesn’t allow him to open his mouth and because of this many people call him Maun Mohan Singh, Silent Singh, blah, blah…

Right to Silence is special kind of provision for our Prime Minister. Under this amendment PM is allowed to do following things:

1)      The honorable PM, after will have all rights to keep his blessed virtue of Silence on all issues.

2)       No opposition party has any right to ask PM any questions; if they do so, they are liable for criminal offence.

3)      No citizen of India has any moral or constitutional right to ask PM about his silence; in any case he does, he will be termed as an apostle of Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare, whichever is suitable.

4)      The PM can, according to his own will and wish, speak, but he is only allowed to speak the following lines:

a)      “ Silence is my birth right and I shall have it”

b)      “This is a conspiracy to malign me and get my resignation”

c)       “I am innocent. I will resign if charges are proved”

d)      “I am honest”

e)      “Please make Rahul Gandhi our next PM”

f)       “SshhhhShhhhhShhhhhShhhhh”

5)      If anyone hereafter calls UPA as ‘illegitimate’ the PM shall sit on Anshan on the gesticulation from the UPA Italian idle. Until then he would not act on his own.

6)      The above law remains intact. No law can be passed to curb this provision of right to Silence, until the next PM Rahul Gandhi wishes to do so.

Inside sources told The Delusional Reporter that even this amendment had been passed on Italian Idles’s beckoning and thus it held a great value of paramount importance for all the cabinet ministers. Our HouseWife minister Shindeji has taken a copy of this amendment and kept it beside Soniaji’s photo hanging on the wall. It is said that he is going to take his Gandhi loyalty to next level and perform daily pujas so that he is elevated to PM post. It is said that this is how our Silent Singh has come up, though he had brilliant skills in financial sector.

All the veteran journalists like Arnab Rhetoric Swamy, Bhukta Dutt, Sir-phira Sirdesai, Karan Chappal have welcomed it with both hands, pockets, new houses, etc.etc. They would for sure do it!! No rewards for guessing why.

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