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The Vision of Love

Kris Allen













Ex-Idol Kris Allen returns with lead single, The Vision of Love off his second studio album Thank You Camellia. In 2009’s American Idol Season 8, this underdog’s shocking win against fan favourite Adam Lambert did not affect the chart success that the latter received. Allen’s self-titled debut album failed to climb the charts high, but with The Vision of Love, it’s possible he may turn that around.

An uplifting song that screams love is not lost, it has a definite The Script and Train influence on the songwriting and vocal style. But a good song is a good song, end of story. You can definitely sense that more time and effort has been put onto this track and maybe the rest of the album compared to his last.Allen’s talent has not been wasted this time.

The video touches topics like low self esteem and bullying in teens. But all is well when a shy specsy girl gathers some courage to talk to her classmates and a bully realizes he should stop the violence and change his ways.

Ironically, both the Idol finalists’ sophomore albums release around the same time just as their debuts. But comparing both the lead singles (Lambert’s ‘Better Than I Know Myself’), Kris might have a better chance this time around.


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOv4XL3yMZs



Happy Pills                       

Norah Jones













First few seconds into it and you know this song’s gonna be fun. Happy Pills, Grammy award winning singer Norah Jones’ first single from her forthcoming …Little Broken Hearts, is all about getting out of a rotten relationship.

Norah Jones’ music has always sounded like it’s from a different age, but a true break up song never fails to stand the test of time. With an unexpected collaboration with producer Danger Mouse (The Black Keys, Gnarls Barkley), seems like Jones is ready to use new colours from her vast multi-genre musical palette. As for the vocals, there are no words to describe how wonderful her deep voice sounds on a song this light. For a Norah Jones track, this one’s really upbeat and amusing. It’s jazzy, breezy and really smooth, exactly what you’d wanna hear to feel good about a bad breakup..!

The music video is a clichéd story of Jones playing an angry wife planning her husband’s murder and the classic sinking the car in a lake with her dead hubby inside climax. But what else could you ask for? She does it with absolute grace!

To all the Norah Jones fans out there, this track’s sure to be a pleasant surprise to the ears, hoping rest of the new album is just as fresh and entertaining.


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbJC1Z8QGaQ




Mark Foster, A-Trak & Kimbra










Shoe company Converse is back with its Three Artists. One Song project and this time they managed to gather Foster The People frontman Mark Foster, Canadian DJ A-Trak and breakthrough artist Kimbra from the Somebody That I Used To Know fame on a collaborative track called Warrior, which is by the way available as a free download on the Converse Plug into Color website.

Talk about turning synthomaniac, the music is definitely a Mark Foster brainchild. A-Trak’s put a good spin on it making it sound punchier than it already is. This song cannot sound anymore 80’s retro! But the standout in this song has to be Kimbra’s sensuous vocals. Oddly enough, the lyrics of this song are much more serious than the music, talking about someone or something that threatens to take their joy away. The chorus’ ‘pushing me down’ hook sticks to your head like glue after a while, making it irritatingly difficult to avoid this song. Considering the fact that this song was written and recorded on airports across 21 cities and 4 continents, this track is lo-fi at its best.

Daniels, director of the music video, returns (previously directed Foster The People’s Don’t Stop video) with his pointless humour and high action expertise. Here, Foster and A-Trak are dragged into a Mexican wrestling ring while Kimbra is forced to sing with her hands tied. In the end, Mark frees Kimbra and she goes all Bruce Lee on the ring master, knocking him down and walking out of the arena with the two men in slow-mo. The luchador masks and leotards are hilarious, making you wonder why you played this video in the first place.

Altogether, a great collaboration, but on its own, this song will only be appreciated by their fans.


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUUivXgJ2S4



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