Press Release: Ritu Lalit’s ‘Hilawi’

Posted on Jun 27 2012 - 8:05pm by Chanakya Takle

After penning a modern day story of complex issues and relationships that the modern day youth face, Ritu Lalit, who in her day job is a corporate worker in a senior management has penned another gripping tale, this time a fantasy thriller called HILAWI

HILAWI explores the possibility that myths are actually based on real events, and are not just fairy tales.  Hilawi is the name of a powerful object, whose origins are in the distant past, the time of the Puranas, when Gods and Demons fought.

When asked what made her write a fantasy thriller, which is so widely divergent from the genre she wrote her first book in, Ritu Lalit says, “I love fantasy, and our culture is steeped with myths and divine beings that may or may not be our well wishers. The samudra manthan is an event which, if happened, did so in a grand scale. The sheer grandeur of supernatural beings using a mountain is a pivot and a huge serpent as a rope to churn an ocean for magical and powerful objects fascinates me.  It is a scene painted in a grand scale. I used this event as the crux of my story. And then stretching my imagination a bit, I added the human element, a young girl, an unwilling witness who ends up taking one of the objects that got churned out and fleeing. She is scared friendless and vulnerable, and the object is so powerful. It is quite a contrast.”

Parul Sharma, the author of “Bringing up Vasu” and “By the Water Cooler” calls the book a page turner and adds that she was fascinated by this fast moving thriller.  Kiran Manral, author of “A Reluctant Detective” was impressed by the way the author has interwoven fantasy, mysticism and fast paced action in Hilawi.

Ritu Lalit says that she is would like to explore the possibility of writing another fantasy thriller based on our legends.  But when asked about her next book, she smiled and admitted that she has moved away from fantasy and written in a completely different genre.

The book has been published by Popular Prakashan, an 85 year old publishing house known for publishing books of high quality in both English and Marathi.

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