Riding The Wave Of National Doom…

Posted on Jun 20 2012 - 1:37pm by Bharat Nadkarni

Latest happenings have left me stupefied. It seems right out of the pages of an Ayn Rand novel that our nation is being run. By a bunch of bureaucrats who deserve to be hanged by their legs till they grow some brain (NO pun intended). I talk of regulations that are being foolishly introduced in all walks of life and the so called moral code of the society that is taking precedence over common logic.

Recently, a small paragraph in some wild corner of the newspaper read – Regulation to be introduced in the quantity of alcohol in various drinks (HUH?). And just a few days back, a new shock treatment was administered- post the rave parties’ argument being faced by the city, the Mumbai city officials have announced that a license would be needed for the consumption of alcohol. Furthermore, following the re-enforcement of the Bombay Prohibition Act of 1949, any person who is caught consuming alcohol without permit would be fined 50,000 rupees ($900) or jailed for a period of 5 years.

Without spending much time trying to mask my words in a suitable gloss, I ask a question- Are the authorities insane?

Everybody knows the results of the original Bombay Prohibition Act of 1949. Illegal alcohol production in unhygienic places, combined with the ‘illegal’ consumption of alcohol rose to such an extent, bringing in something of a ‘mafia’, that the government was finally forced to amend the act in 1973, under which alcohol consumption was made legal, however, with the individual carrying a permit. And as time passed, as more and more stress is placed on development and more important things in this fast paced nation, all was good and forgotten. Until a few months back, when the police being headed by a new administration (albeit with a brain defect) began crashing into perfectly drug-free parties and detaining hoards of people under the pretense of the permit.

Another ‘Expert’ in the field, a certain Mr. Anna Hazare recently added fuel to the fire that makes me cringe in anger. He made the controversial statement that those who drink should be tied to pillars and flogged until they become aware of the ill effects of their wrong doing and commit not to touch even a drop of liquor. SERIOUSLY? Let us see if Mr. Hazare gets the same kind of support now…

Isn’t it common sense? You ban something, and people will definitely find ways to defy the ban. Now that becomes ‘illegal’. And then the authorities spend more man power trying to bust these illegal ways. That leads to innovation in ‘illegal’ deals, which the authorities interpret in a wildly baffling manner (given their meager brains, we can’t really expect anything else), which prompts more ‘illegal’ behavior. And that further leads to the authorities scratching their head in vain- What should be done to stop all of this? Introduce another ban! In short, these so called Authorities are writing their own end. Isn’t it simple enough to be understood by a fifth grader? Don’t place the ban in the first place!  (but on second thought I wonder how many of those have actually passed fifth grade)

That brings me back to my original cause discussion. Who are they to impose regulations and restrictions? By what right? Under what moral code? A moral code defined by power hungry politicos?  Or by the very same hoodlums who watch porn in the parliament house? Who is the government to try and regulate the extent of enjoyment that people can resort to? Aren’t there worse issues that need addressing at the moment? What of the millions and trillions that are lost in corruption by these very ministers? And what of the fact that Kasab is still a royal guest and No viable progress has been made in the matter?! The list goes on and on and on and on and all this invariably leads to the classic war of the individual against the state. What are the duties of the state, and what are the rights of an individual?

As an individual, I who took birth on planet earth, have full right to do whatsoever that I please, as long as I respect the freedom of others. No one, not even the most ‘powerful’ of people have any right to stop my actions. On the other hand, the government, to whom I pay shitloads of taxes, must ONLY possess the task of protecting the freedom of its citizens. Everything else must be regulated by market forces and an unwritten capitalist policy. These are my thoughts.

Having said that, be it illegal or not, do not stop your actions because of stupid policies devised by an even stupider authority.  Only remember always never to intrude upon the freedom of another individual. Let us care to hoots of the authoritarian and concentrate on taking our country ahead through our productive achievements, overthrow the so called ‘moral code’ and live life our way. Let us at some point in future, ‘drink up’ to our achievements, despite the tyranny of the forsaken government…

Signing off for a drink…



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  • chanakya

    I completly agree, the police have assumed a sense of moral authority which is very dangerous because they are completly misusing their powers. They are the people who are supposed to combat real crime. Whenevr any authority gains enough courage and power to decide the moral norms of the society, they forget that they are the minority trying to impose their so called morals on a majority, who they are supposed to serve. I hope that the police is eventually reduced to the role of strictly working as gardians, and not mini dictators as they have now become.. gud article bharat :)