Glee 4 Grown-Ups!

Posted on Mar 14 2012 - 7:00pm by Shaunak Chafekar

Smash is a show everyone’s already buzzing about! L.A. Times calls out its soapy plotlines, glitzy numbers and plenty of drama….

Smash tells the story of the characters involved the creation of a new Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. As the production takes shape, everyone involved in it must balance their often chaotic personal lives with the all-consuming demands of a life in the theatre.

Smash has right blend of heavy character and light plot to enthrall and captivate. A musical that grows from a conversation about a coffee table book to a show with funding, a director, and a casting rivalry; characters are aggressively developed; and with no less than four numbers, Smash starts off with a bang.

Does the series actually meet expectations for a network desperately in need of a hit (and by that I mean NBC, who have had their share of big-budget flops like Prime Suspect & The Playboy Club)? Based on the premiere, which I saw a few weeks ago, the answer is actually an unequivocal YES.

The phrase that keeps coming to mind when I think about the Smash pilot is well-produced. Steven Spielberg apparently had some real interest and thus impact on the development of the property, but even if he didn’t do squat, Smash still exudes professionalism. Michael Mayer’s direction is rock-solid and all the performances seem, to a person with no real interest in theater, quite good. The cast is filled with recognizable performers from television, film, theater and music and they’re all generally doing fine work in the pilot. From the beautifully understated “Never Give All The Heart” to the show-stopping numbers “Let Me Be Your Star” and “The National Pastime,” Marilyn seems like a show I’d pay good money to see. And while “Beautiful,” isn’t an original song, I have to throw kudos to Katharine for belting out a rendition better than Christina Aguilera‘s.

I initially checked out Smash because I’m a sucker for all things song-and-dance — but it turned out to be the show’s personable characters, whip-smart writing, and overall engaging story that kept me wanting an encore.

Now, to quote Edward Cullen, “Smash is like my own personal brand of weed!”

This is a fun, dramatic and emotional show that I will continue to follow and if you want a good time, you should too!!

Smash premières in India, Monday, March 19, 06:30 PM, exclusively on DIVA Universal!

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  • anisha

    you SMASHED it !!!!!
    what a preview……..i so wanna see SMASH now…..
    i loved the way you explained the show in such easy words……
    i have never wanted to know marilyn monroe until now…..