Talk is Cheap

Posted on May 14 2012 - 10:02pm by Aditya Roy

In relationships, there are a lot of promises, a lot of conversations, that, sound good to the ear, feel good to say, but the actual practice of it, is a shadow of what is said.

Talk is cheap. Relationships cater to this illusion of security where things are la di da. I’ve seen it in my own relationships, in other people’s relationships. We just sell out to cliched words.

As a romantic, I really want to be able to say to myself that, well, I’m a man of honour and class, and attached to me, is, this unsaid code of conduct, where everything I promise, is meant with that much intensity.

That’s why, having the gift of the gab, is not always a good thing. That makes you bullshit through life quite a bit. To man-up and lay stake to what you say, is something I desire for all romantics.

Its like in The Notebook, Ryan Gosling, follows through with everything he had promised to do. The white house, the room for painting. Intense. His words carried the weight of Gold.

I went on a date a few days back. I really liked the girl.

And then, I was saying all these things to her, that I knew were supposed to be said, but I didn’t mean it. It suddenly became this Game for me.

What’s more is, the girl has had enough attention from enough men, to know what I was going on about and she says to me “stop with this ball-talk”.

It stunned me. Here was a girl, who read through the bullshit guys throw at her all the time. And you know what? I admitted for the first time maybe, that “ball talk” was what it was.

She and I have become really good friends. Giving things to eachother, straight. It may sound rude or hurtful, but we are honest. And the brilliant thing about that is, its a secure feeling, because we know where we stand. Its the purest most unadulterated friendship.

I dedicate this story to her. For she, has taught me, the art of getting by, lies, in not thinking too much, not saying too much, and just, keeping it real.

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