Team Scribido

Scribido Magazine  has an editorial team that works round-the-clock to bring you the latest on Movies,Books,TV Shows,Technology & Food. Each writer is very well versed in his field of writing. Presenting to you, Team Scribido!

Shaunak Chafekar – Chief Executive Officer | Forte: Political analysis

Bharat Nadkarni- Editor | Forte:  Sports and Book reviews

Chaitanya Atre- Resident Editor | Forte: Interviews

Vardhan Karanjikar – Head of Public Relations

Omkar Walimbe – Chief Technical Officer

Aakash Dwivedi-Head of Graphics Division.

Shubhankar Takle –  Nashik Lead

Rohan Pitre – Marketing

Paras Valecha- Forte: Technology

Aashay Dalvi- Forte: TV Shows

Sruthi Warrier- Forte: Fashion

Rahul Kekan- Forte: Movie Review

Archish Kashikar- Forte: Food Review

Aniruddh Naik- Forte: Satire

Benita Chacko- Forte: Book Review

Neel Nakra- Forte: Cartoonist


We also accept guest columns and some very high calibre authors and entrepreneurs regularly contribute to the rich resource pool of Scribido.

All the regular contributors have an account while other guest columns go up via the “Guest Author” handle. For all queries regarding details, please drop in a mail to


Guest Columnists:

Benita Chacko

Khushboo Hemnani

Sakhi Nitin-Anita

Felix Joy

Nikhil Chandwani

Kaustubh Barve

Parth Choudhari