The Authorized body of work of The Romantic

Posted on Apr 29 2012 - 10:54pm by Aditya Roy
The Authorized body of work of The Romantic.
A set of poems that every romantic will relate to. For people who have loved,want to love,will love; these poems will take you on that journey.
So,go through them,skim past it,
To find and relate to your life’s story.
Breaking Dawn
I don’t get it. Relationships in the 21st century go through so much pain and drama that  romance as a notion feels  too dark now days. The Mills and Boons period has been replaced by Version 2.0 where Batman rules and love is protected under a masked identity. The days when you were happy,dancing with joy at celebrating your 5th Anniversary or your 1st has just been eroded. Couples don’t last long because we don’t bravely man-up to the fact that “love” may be a four letter word that may not have a dark side. The sappy mush has been replaced with days where you have butterflies in your stomach and  your heart aches for someone-where you only then can grasp what love truly means. I hope my poem makes sense. Its my perspective of love. Not a judgment, but a vision. I just wish, we as people loved more, feared less. I read on one status message- “We are born with love around us, we live with fear amongst us”
In the early month of December-
You and I were a couple to remember.
We were flirtatious un-fictitious  and kind,
The world at our feet,
Unaware of fear,
Undaunted by skeletons of the past,
Drowning in our own emotional wave,
We were living the moments of love we had,
Quiet, Gentle, Strong as the wind,
We were in the midst of a storm.
And then one morning we awake,
nothing remaining same.
Months seem to have passed,
You and me-still together,but like the rest of the cast,
Chasing our own memory of what was,
Living in disillusion,
Complication and Coffee,
Dinners where it was just you and me,
Everything seeming like a picture so far forgotten.
What do moments of togetherness mean,
Words spent explaining feelings,
Feelings spent explaining love,
When push comes the shove,
We’ve forced eachother away-
For no reason,
For no fault,
With guilt, with baggage, with burning rage,
Unable to determine the right from the wrong,
Unclear of the path that reflects who we are,
We must decide to be together again,
Hope for a better tomorrow.
You were mine for the taking,
Freak, was what I did,
But the memory of you was enough,
Assuring, Awesome,
The way you made me feel,
It changed the course of me,
With devastating ease,
You were a tease,
You made so much sense,
You blurred my vision
The alchemy of desire seemed shaded,
My privacy seemed invaded,
I wanted you to be a part of me,
But I didn’t know how,
I had to let go of you to let you in,
It was  ultimately breaking dawn,
I had to lay down the ultimate sacrifice,
I had to walk away and pay my ultimate price.
(c) Aditya Roy
The Other Side Of midnight
We all have so much positive to dish out in life. So much to give. But sometimes while focusing on others, we grow up forgetting to look in the mirror and identify with the people we always meant to be. Somehow, dreams have crashed, people have fallen apart, things have not worked out the way they were supposed to. That’s when you trade off blows with life itself. I guess life can be a bitch but only if we let it. All we have to do is find courage confidence within, and it won’t be so bad then. . Atleast-thats what I am lead to believe.
Its strange..
How we fear the ultimate end of life,
While we should fear not “living” life.
Its insane..
How we think so much before loving someone,
But want to be loved without it being thought about.
Its cruel..
That we are judged becoz of our past,
While we should be getting past being judged.
Its brilliant..
How we motivate others and build people up,
While we deconstruct every lil thing we do ourselves.
Life is an occupation hazard,
We work too much to earn a living,
While living by itself has become work.
We all have so much to offer,
Change is what we need to do,
Fight the good fight,
A Dinner and a date
By Aditya Roy
Well, I was tempted to write this thinking of life on the single lane. It would be so cool to have someone convinced to go out with me on the subtext of a poem. Whether that shall ever happen, remains a mystery- but the fact that, there was a poem written in that attempt, shall remain my piece of literature in that regard. :)
Whenever I imagine you my princess,
My heart skips a beat,
It is you that I want to take out,
And grab something to eat.
Your eyes are alarmingly attractive,
The fact that you’re far away is distractive,
I don’t know you,
I want to.
I can feel you in my gut,
I want to be the guy who makes the cut.
I ask not for perfection,
I ask not your life,
All I want is time spent with me,
A movie, dinner and a drive,
Until the dessert shall arrive.
All I want is the opportunity-a chance,
Maybe even a little bit of a private dance.
Your face has taken my heart treason,
As much as I want to, I can’t escape for some reason.
You have nothing to lose,
No pressure, no pain,
I want you to just live and explore me,
Have fun, be cool,
I’m not great looking but I ain’t a fool.
Intellectual insight,
Conversationalist delight,
I promise you I won’t bite.
If you would do one thing,
One thing to make me happy.
I ask you now,
I ask you again,
Will you go out for a meal with me?
This is something I wrote. Somehow I believe all the guys out there will relate to this. The girls will know guys like this. And then again, I see myself in the mirror and wonder- who am I? I could be a superhero, and so could you. This is for all those souls who know there is a larger calling, a greater force, a bigger picture. Get to know yourselves. This is me, to you-
You’re unaware of who I am,
Unassuming and underacheiving,
I’m the baddest boy roy,
Its in me to give….give people joy,
I’m life’s answer to problematic questions,
If you look hard-You’ll see me in your poetic reflections,
I’ve got my stupid mouth but I mean no one no harm,
I try hard to play nice and win people over with my charm,
Then again-don’t mess with me or you’ll get hurt,
I can be nice but perchance you take me for granted  I’ll treat you like dirt,
I’ve often been accused of being a flirt,
But thats a stage I go through before being friends,
You see-man and woman coming together-
There must be a coming of age,
I don’t believe I can be a sage with so much hormonal rage,
There are things a man has got to do,
Those rules even the rebel in me doesn’t want to defy,
Let it be known-if you’re in trouble,
I’ll be superman rescuing you from the rubble,
Be warned though-if you are like the riddler or even joker,
I have a dark alter ego in batman,
Scary and honest,
Skeletons in my closet,
Turning on the heat,
I aint a fake cheat,
I wear a mask,
If you have to reach out to the cape crusader,
Play the game as though you’re angelina jolie in tomb raider.
Midnight’s Answer
“To everyone who has loved and lost”
Tonight – I think of you,
With single minded devotion,
My head spins out of control,
Dizzy and dazed,
Memories spin back to our history,
Seemed like the perfect time and place,
We drank cheap wine,
Danced and prayed,
Learned of love and its crime,
Had moments to last us forever,
Spoke to eachother from midnight to sunshine,
And then it hit me..
Beautiful faces and soulless places,
An emptiness surrounded me,
Being single didn’t seem like an option,
Everyone needs a someone,
Intimate and intense,
I joined the club of pretense,
I talked the talk, played the game,
Without you, life never remained the same….
Cheap beer,loud music,
Engrossed in ourselves,
Someone always holding our hand,
We walk the way we live,
Driven by fear,
Afraid to be alone,
There is one love,
There is one magic,
There is one story,
My mind wanders back to you,
We lost out in the glory of life,
We drifted,
We departed…
Often filled with regret,
Something in the alchemy failed,
The ship had sailed,
I dialed your number,
But of me, you didn’t remember,
I was just another story,
No answer,
Freedom eludes me,
Sentenced for life,
My thoughts turn,
While memories of you burn.
Moonlight Madness
I stare into the sky,
I wonder about life-the how and why,
Locked up in my room,
Darkness surrounds me,
Still, quiet,
The night is lonely…
Drink in hand,
There are things I don’t understand,
Warped in the head,
People from my past dead,
Memories of times that have gone by,
The night seems lonely…
The bed is warm,
something in my stomach tells me I’m wrong,
Gutted, fucked,
Life has been a bitch,
But then morning comes,
The Sun rises,
Bringing in the light.
I hope I see you-
On either sight of midnight.



In most lives, there is a period, when the shit hits the fan, and you’ve got the decide, whether to take cover, or put the fan off. In the history of mankind, if we’ve learned anything- its that man “loves” and man “loses”.
I found love in the most unsuspecting of women. In all my time, playing the field- I never knew, of the concept of loss, or the fear of loss. Brash, young and un-armed, I ventured into the land, many have ventured before me, only to return back as war heroes-with women in hand, and sometimes, as prisoners of war- chained, lost, wondering where the power shifted and what differentiated the victors from their counterparts.
I’m in that war right now-battling for the time of day, and digging deep into the trenches, wondering in the midst of the night-if I’m going to be worthy enough, if I’m going to stand the test of time-because often, time, is what shifts the balance. I pray, and hope, and love- hoping the favor is returned.
The attachment, the companionship, the friendship- all of it, are special ingredients that really quantify the depth of any relationship. For those who loss that, the loss is incomparable, irreplaceable, and we often make the mistake of searching for that brand of relationship again-only to come back home empty handed, with life beating you. The trick is, to stand up to the situation and really break through, and survive a barrage of battles before winning the war, known as love. Because , whoever said love was easy- …..hasn’t seen what I’ve seen.
Lovers Paradise.
The very beauty you possess,
the very look in your eyes,
the very smile you display,
the oh so charm you exude,
the frustration you take away,
the calmness you bring….
the everyday talks,
the sunday walks,
ooooh the thrills,
the Amazing History,
the future seems such a mystery,
the way you shout,
that lovely pout….
You drive me crazy,
life seems hazy,
It is just so not easy,
the distance drives me dizzy,
I want you in my life,
my future wife?
I know you want me too,
Take my breath away,
I cant live this way,
The Princess by Aditya Roy.
You are beautiful,
So clichéd yet just simply true,
That’s not the only clue to know its you.
From the free-flowing hair,
to the magically white teeth,
You’re looks are something like a treat.
You are beautiful and all that is true,
But in your eyes, there lies the mystery.
A careful search in your past reveals so much history,
You seem like a person who never has regrets,
A person who rarely ever forgets,
Yet the contradiction lies in the way you move on,
Hiding hurt, loneliness and yearning,
Like as though they are emotions not worth sharing,
You draw, you paint,
You can make the devil look like a saint,
There is wickedness in your virtue,
People know better than to mess with you,
The bitch can bite,
You know from experience, how to fight,
You’re clueless about politics,
You’re gung-ho about gossip,
From pretty pink to pure white,
Your mood ranges from every rainbow you can sight.
Princesses are sometimes dumb and blonde,
But with you, an exception is found,
Intelligent with insight,
Brunette in disguise,
You are much like princess from the diaries,
A genuine mystical sight.
Imagining you can be a romantic notion,
The bed site lamp lit,
Facebook open,
Coffee in hand, you sit,
A band playing, music in the air,
Artwork around, you being the artist stamped everywhere.
You want to be single,
You want to be free,
You want to live life like the way it was meant to be,
Mom, at a distance- a phone call away,
Friends missing you, feeling the emptiness…
You want to be single,
You want to be free,
Yet what’s stopping you, is it he?
Guys line up, waiting to be thee,
Your heart is clueless,
You find compliments and corny lines useless,
There is fixin’ to be done,
You know you’re not a nun,
Just someone lost in the crowd,
Waiting to rise up, and shout,
In the meanwhile, you show off your beautiful pout.
You believe in fate and destiny,
Karmic connections, and instant reactions,
You are giddy like that,
Unable to hide your glee,
You can laugh until you cry,
Cry until you laugh,
You have the fashion to own a scarf,
Sensibility to hide emotion,
Deep down inside,
You’re a girl,
who wants to meet a boy,
maybe one day, you’ll know his name was Roy!!
Many have had ex-girlfriends/ ex-boyfriends thinking it is the most important feeling-living the moment as though it was the very reason they were born. Every fiber would react in a particular way, the heart would fumble- but then something changed……love fizzled out….and you moved on. Sounds familiar?
OR IS THIS IT- THE NOW?? Time starts now…
Do we really remember past history?
The story of what you meant to me in another century?
We deal with each moment as if our entire existence depended on that one phase,
Like in poker-in love, you gamble, you raise,
You may be on a winning streak
you may lose,believing you are about to peak,
Breaking even and breaking up –the whole game will make you weep.
Thoughts and emotions we share are always so deep,
Sometimes you may think your partner is acting like a creep,
Sometimes you know you’re the luckiest chap enjoying life as a treat,
But suddenly the alarm rings- and you’re woken from a dream –beep beep!!
Do we really remember past history?
The story of what you meant to me in another century?
Postcards and letters,
Pictures made to last forever,
Knick knacks, souvenirs, shared clothing,
And an afternoon out of here,
They all diisappear without a trace,
But what it means to you,
How easily it gets replaced !
New memories, a new place,
In some way, you’re always remodeling your inner space,
Un-thinking your past,
Un-remembering everything your heart used to make you do,
Finding out each moment is almost almost oh so brand new,
Staying out late at night, way past curfew,
Putting on new perfume,dressing all up dazzlingly to meet the next person in cue.
Do we really remember past history?
The story of what you meant to me in another century?
Relationships always go through ups and downs, and we all have those car-rides that can border on silence where you don’t know how to talk to your partner. Well, this poem is about love, forgiveness, and those awkward moments when the wrong songs are engulfing very cold fights!!!
You and I, we had a fight,
I know I wasn’t totally right,
In hindsight, my arguments were just not bright,
But the truth is you can forgive me coz we’re real tight,
Lets just be gracious and forget about last night.
So..the story is we were in the car,
You and I had to reach real far,
You were classy and a real star,
When we fight, Im always below par,
The ride was quiet and a cold cold-war,
It happens in relationships yaar.
We had great times in the past though,
I took you out for lunch before,
We even met everyday for brunch no?
In the evenings I’d buy you stuff even when I had a cash crunch or was low,
We have awesome times in store,
I know we’re not over coz fights help us grow,
Just forgive me for my crimes, think of the brilliant times of yore.
- Aditya Roy
Something stuck in my head the last few days. I had to put it down. Hope its liked, hope it makes sense. Here goes-yet another entry:
You and I are a secret I can’t share,
You and I share something all so rare.
Baby, you make me smile,
My heart realizes your presence all the while,
You’re eyes are magical and magnificent,
You’re relationship status is tragic and traditional,
You’re like Cinderella who has found her prince charming,
But what we share, is really whats alarming!!
Sweetheart, you’re my damsel in distress,
You think of me, and I’ll be there,
I look at you- can’t help but stare,
Lady, you’re the only I want to impress.
New and never seen before,
Intense and inglorious to the core,
Killer is what we are,
Ostentatious and mad by far.
You’re my true north,
My direction I forgot,
You guide me, you endure,
You’re my blissful future,
You my love, are my true true north.
That Crayz thing called love
In the months leading up to this day, I’ve often wondered what I’d pen down as a love song. There are so many numbers stuck in my head- so many images that come to my mind. But today, is a dreamy poem. About love-and what lies ahead. About the existence of romance, and laughter. I hope this reaches you.
If you’re the night-time rain,
I’m Saturday nights boring game,
If you’re the reason I survive,
I’m the complication that you derive,
If I’m the screw-up job who got it all wrong,
You’re the one doing all the fixin’,
If I’m the player who has game,
You’re an angel messing with the devil in god’s holy name,
If I’m the poet,
You’re the art that never goes out of fashion.
If I’m the gambler,
You’re my pot of gold,
Sweetheart, you’re my joie de vivre,
My muse,
My choice of drink,
My addiction,
My nicotine,
You my love are,
My favorite month of the year,
My perfume in the air,
My lucky color of the month,
My flavour of the week
My friday night dinner,
My song of the day,
Baby, you’re mine-forever and more.
You, my love, make me smile,
You, my love, add to my style,
Princess, you’re my ruler,
You’ve resurrected my life,
You’ve added spice to winning you as my prize,
You’re an affair to remember,
The holy grail of love,
I love you.
(c) Aditya Roy
Her name is a secret,
Her eyes light up like a cigarette,
She has fire in her eyes,
Her movements are comfortable,
Her plans in life-debatable,
She wears her shades of pink,
She has, on her hand, a lotta Ink,
She is young at her age,
She acts like she is a sage,
She lives in life’s cage,
She’s todays ultimate rage,
She hugs like a bear,
Her kisses is a like wine which is the rarest of the rare,
Her clothes I wanna tear,
At her, I wanna stare,
For her, I wanna care,
She is my ultimate fantasy,
She is my direction,
She is my true north.
We’ve often romanticized our love, our friends, and have so much to say about them. This piece I’ve written, is about that one best friend you’re secretly attracted to, that other friend who despite everything remains your best friend, and the girl who makes friendship look so “in its place” when you look at with the perspective of real love. We’ve all probably gone through this-or not. Love in friendship never dies, yet love has its own place. My attempt at something different-
3 A.M
In the darkest hour of the night,
She cries to me about her fight,
I comfort and console her like we’re friends,
Until her boyfriend calls her to make amends,
She thanks me, She cares for me,
She has in the past been there for me,
I’m secretly attracted to her,
Have never reacted in a moody war,
But this is the 21st century-what friendship has come to,
Judge me, but I know you can relate to this piece,
If not, boo hoo!
Conversation and coffee,
This is the girl who knows my entire history,
With her, love is not a mystery,
She has been an ex-girlfriend,
A story to laugh about,
With her, everything is out there,
We fight, we laugh, we cry,
There is no season where our friendship is a lie,
She is the girl who’d be the best man at my wedding,
The one who’d say great things when I die.
My unfulfilled love,
Less of a friend, more of a lover,
With her, I always try to say something clever,
A little more planning,
A little less understanding,
She is the one I love,
She is the one I want to go home to,
She makes me do things I wouldn’t do,
She is the one I have given my heart to,
She’s the friend I never had,
She’s the friend I’ll always have,
She’s the one I’d never cheat,
She’s my motivation, my challenge, my ultimate dream,
She’s the one with whom friendship being beautiful still loses its steam!
We can never truly JUST be friends- we guys n girls. Yet, in so many ways, despite all the contradictions-in its complication, there lies a friendship where the two friends involved are the only two who really understand the friendship and define it as to what it really is.
The beautiful picturesque Lavassa was the latest destination of my road trip. For many, it may be a quiet developing hill town with very little to do. For a few, it could mean, fine water-sports, rock climbing, and an intimate drive away from the hustle and bustle of Pune. Others could see it as a romantic spot, just perfect and serene. Lavassa-to me, was all that. My one day trip to the place, was, fun.
In the lost land of Lavassa,
Waterfalls and Promenades,
Italy reborn,
Booze overflowing,
The vast expanse of green grass underneath,
While the blue blurry sky blindfolds us,
The 21st century India,
We are the young and the restless,
Penniless, nevertheless, enjoying the excitement-all breathless,
The magnificent music and clean air,
Finding a place like this that is just so so rare-in Lavassa.
-Aditya Roy
There is something unquantifiable when you think of romancing someone- its quite like fire. Fire is mysterious, over-powering, all encompassing, and well, is the scariest and most passionate force Earth may possess. Well, read into my poem for your own interpretation of it, if any. Or treat it as utter garbage. But give Fire- a shot, because, simply said, I am quite obsessed by it.
You’re my warped up desire.
I plan things in my head based on something you may have said,
I try to read you- like you’ve never been read ,
But you burn me- turn me into ash.
You’re light burns bright,
But deep down I know you’re from the dark side,
You have a way in which you hide,
Nonetheless, you’re intimate,
You’re intimidatingly scary,
You’re wicked and wise,
You’re hot,
You give me this warmth on the inside,
You make me melt,
You give me a feeling I’ve never felt,
With you-I feel exposed-even scarred,
But then again, you, give me light when there is none,
You’re a source of energy, of passion, of pride,
You’re fire,
My fire-my obsession.
-Aditya Roy
This poem I wrote today. I felt it the first time I met her. Maybe you did too. So many times, we feel, this certain friction, this intimidation, this connection, with a girl-and all we want to do, is stare, and be mesmerized by The Girl. So, the next time, you’re in class, the next time you’re at a coffee shop, the next time you’re in a movie theater, don’t forget my words, and smile. Take a chance :)
There was friction in the air,
I could not help but stare,
She could carry herself in anything she’d wear,
Her beauty was divine, majestic and ever so rare,
That it would have been offending to not stare.
So, I watched her like a hawk,
She was an angel that stopped every clock,
There was so much about her that made everyone talk,
Intelligence, wit, beauty and her walk,
She was the girl that would make any party rock.
I looked at her, she looked at me,
It was either whiskey or coffee,
I was wide awake, drunk, in glee,
She and I were syncing in harmony,
I was thinking of marrying her by January.
There was friction in the air,
I could not help but stare,
She could carry herself in anything she’d wear,
Her beauty was divine, majestic and ever so rare,
That it would have been offending to not stare.
People would write her poems,
Present her wedding rings,
But she wasn’t impressed with such clichéd things,
She was after all an angel with wings,
She would look down even on crowned kings,
She was looking for darkness, for something that stings.
She was cool, she was hot,
She was everything I could have thought,
Her smile was whitening,
Her eyes were lightening,
Asking her to go out with me, was frightening,
I guess I just had to try and go down fighting.
There was friction in the air,
I could not help but stare,
She could carry herself in anything she’d wear,
Her beauty was divine, majestic and ever so rare,
That it would have been offending to not stare.
- Aditya Roy
I found this in a book I’m reading-
When you begin to listen
And hang on every word,
You get an intuition.
Your mind is now your lord.
You hear this voice, inside you,
The voice you’ve heard before.
This voice has been there for you.
This voice has opened doors.
As just a little girl,
You found a special friend,
This voice told you “Just do it!
Your joy will never end!”
Remember all those times
This voice was in your mind.
It will be there forever,
Until the end of time.
In only a few seconds,
If you should hear this voice,
You can really trust it,
Let it make your choice.
This voice now whispers to you
The thoughts that come between
Your thoughts, inside your heart,
The wishes deep within.
The wishes you’re denying,
The ones you’re longing for.
This voice tells you, “Just do it.
Step through that open door.
Leave all your cares behind you,
Your future now unfolds.
You’re free from inhibition.
Free from society’s holds.
Take in what is before you,
Embrace it in your soul.
Allow it deep inside you,
And let it fill that hole.”
This voice knows what you’re thinking.
This voice is very wise.
Just trust your intuition,
And follow its advice.
I called up to say I am sorry,
You don’t have to worry,
We’ll never grow apart,
Stories are unbelievable, calls have become unreceivable,
Its just that we’ve broken each other’s heart.
Came up to meet you, tell you I worry.
You don’t know how beautiful you are.
I had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you I still, have set you apart.
Tell me your problems, share with me your solutions,
Conversations and coffee,
Fighting for glory,
Egos clashing, our hearts cracking,
Its just that we have to play our part.
No one else matters,
Its such a tragic way to sit and sob-totally out of character,
No one else matters,
Its such a tragic way to sit and sob-totally out of character.
It was all about permutations and combinations,
The history and geography,
The logic was warped up, the conclusions were made up,
And we drifted apart.
Tell me you love me, tell me you want me,
And lets just make it a fresh start,
Tossin’ and turnin’,
Emotions are stormin’,
I know we can’t be together, the thought rips my heart apart.
I know you want this,
The luxury and freedom,
The potential feeling of a brand new emotion,
Memories and moments,
Anniversaries and places,
We will fade away in history, keeping up the mystery,
I guess we just have to break-up!
Love you.
In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To the river so deep
I must be looking for something
Something sacred I lost
But the river is wide
And it’s too hard to cross
And even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening and stand on the shore
I try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find what I’ve been looking for
In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the valley of fear
To a river so deep
I’m a searcher for something
Taken out of my soul
Something I’d never lose
Something somebody stole
I don’t know why I go walking at night
But now I’m tired and I don’t wanna walk anymore
Hope it doesn’t take the rest of my life
Until I find what it is I’ve been looking for
In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the jungle of doubt
To the river so deepI know I’m searching for something
Something so undefined
That it can only be seen
By the eyes of the blind
In the middle of the night
I’m not sure about a life after this
God knows I’ve never been a spiritual man
Baptized by the fire,
I wade into the river
That is running to the promised land
In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the desert of truth
To the river so deep
We all end in the ocean
We all start in the streams
We’re all carried along
By the river of dreams
In the middle of the night
Yes, I believe that we are seachers, and are all looking for something so defined, that it remains, “undefinable”, if I may use the word with such liberty.
Aadios amigos
What hurts the most,
Is having been so close,
To have so much to say,
Only to still see you walk away,
Oh honey, I need you, I want you, I desire you,
Near, far, Wherever you are,
I want you to hear me, feel me, come back and steal me.
The Titanic sank,
The World Trade Centre crashed,
But the monumental disaster you and I became,
eclipses all that.
I see you walk away,
No good-bye, No closure,
Just abandonment,
The end never being clear,
Sadness, tragedy, and some beer,
thats what has brought me here.
One day, some day,
a day will come,
when you and I will sit,
and you will succumb,
to the loneliness, and then to the love,
only to see, I have been alone through all the bad stuff.
-Adios amigo
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