The Dark Knight Rises- Too big to review. Surrender to this Knight.

Posted on Jul 21 2012 - 4:01pm by Rahul Kekan

Orgasmic” is a strong adjective. Most of the teenagers haven’t even experienced what a “real” orgasm is but still we use it in our everyday slang. Having analyzed the usage of this adjective, I came to a conclusion yesterday. If there was an orgasmic award function  then without any doubts “The Dark Knight Rises” would win the award in the “vision” category like a boss. No porn. No bikes. No cars.

So what makes superhero movies so cool amongst teenagers? Basically it’s something that we have grown up watching. Every third Indian teenager was once a “Shaktimaan” fan. Some of us might even remember the title track. That is, my friend, is the real power of superheroes. They give you some of the coolest visual memories of life. The problem with most of the superheroes is that they are amazingly strong and delusive at the same time. With Batman it’s the other way round. We like Batman because he is real. There’s no unbelievable twist, no radioactive spider and no parallel universe relatives. The only other superhero who can be so legitimate is Ironman but the Ironman series is nowhere near Christopher Nolan’s direction.

Every time there are discussions over why Bollywood cannot match up to the standards of Hollywood, people talk of money and technology being their superiority. Ask me and I’ll bore you with a whole new theory. People there take cinema seriously unlike us. In India, it’s about the hundred crore mark, there in Hollywood it’s about crossing the creative benchmarks. Here is a Hollywood director who uses no special effects to increase the number of extras, asks his leads to do all the stunts just for the sake of realism and creates undoubtedly the best superhero movie without much THX effects. That’s the beauty of “The Dark Knight”. It makes your jaw drop, not by out of the world special effects but by creating an ambience so close to reality that not for single second you rubbish off the movie saying “Arre aisa real life main nahi hota re”. You wait for those dialogues eagerly and sigh when the character quotes something. These people are creative freaks! That is the ideal ideology one should have when in creative business. When you have decided to make cinema then make it for the sake of creating good cinema and nothing else.

The last time I was so excited about watching a movie was years back, when I was travelling to a nearby single screen theatre to witness India’s first 3D flick “Chota chetan”. As a kid every time I saw something pop out of that screen I clapped like that “Clapping monkey toy”. TDKR made me do that all over again. If there’s one thing I would definitely like to show my kids when they are growing up then it will be the Batman trilogy back to back. That would surely make them realise how cool our teenage was back then. (I know I’m on a HIMYM overdose doing all future planning)

When your concentration is at the peak in a movie theatre (which rarely happens these days) even tiny lights on side seats signifying the row letter annoy you, that red “Exit” board seems to have spoiled a scene and that jerk who walks in late for a movie like TDKR turns out to be most hated person on earth for the moment. All because you want to relish every small detail of this cinematic masterpiece.

Much has been said about Christopher Nolan’s beauty of direction. The only thing I would like to add is that the guy respects his work immensely. He makes sure every character gets what it deserves. Moreover he teaches us so many things about life. I don’t mean sound like the kid who jumped off his terrace stupidly with index finger point up expecting to be transformed into Shaktimaan all of a sudden. On a serious note, TDKR teaches you how to rise after you’ve fallen, how we owe something to the society and that the good will always triumph over the evil.

 Some points that need to be highlighted-

  1. If TDKR was about money then it would’ve been released 3D with some typical 3D scenes with Batman charging towards the camera. This brave decision to stick to basics was totally worth and helps maintaining the continuity of the screenplay.
  2. The comparisons between Bane and Joker are obvious. Also questions about how Bane hasn’t justified the villain’s character will be raised. What most of us fail to understand here is Joker was about psychological torture and mind games on the other hand Bane is about strength and confidence. For the first time Batman has to face someone who is physically stronger than him.
  3.  Of all the series like Hp and Narnia, the Batman series stands out to be the best on grounds of realism.
  4. The real USP of the movie is the background soundtrack. It goes unnoticed but creates a wave of seriousness around the audience. Oscars are waiting for it.

That is it. I have not reviewed this movie because every frame is crafted so perfectly that even the smallest thing I point out would turn out to be a spoiler. All those Facebook status updates, the hype for getting a weekend ticket and coffee table discussions are worth it. For me, it has been the coolest Hollywood movie made till date. I am sure many will agree.

Watching it in first three days after its release gives you a kick stronger than what a shot of vodka does. Enjoy this classic as soon as possible. Surrender to the Knight for an experience of a lifetime. If you regret it then just text me, I’ll have an appointment with the psychiatrist arranged for you. This one’s worth a “movie loop mode” on your laptop and worth the wait for a Blu-ray release. EPIC and AWESOME are understatements.

“If superhero movies were meant for the kid in you then THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a movie for the man in you. Go watch it. NOW!”  

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  • Rashmi :)

    Guys.. d muvi is fantabulous !!!! i don’t think dat word is enough … its much mor than dat !!!! awesomessssssstttttttttttttt Hollywood flick till d date !!!
    Grt work rahul ! \m/

  • Shivam Patil

    hats off…
    Nice review :)

  • Ramesh Kulkarni

    I read this article and then i went to see the movie, and I agree with u totally!