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Posted on Jun 20 2012 - 2:31pm by Vardhan Karanjikar

We live in a dynamic society. We live along with people who have their agenda in working about the society. Our country is moving at such a tremendous rate that we have the chance to observe three generations working together with viewpoints so diverse from the preceding generation that it is indeed mind boggling .

Currently I had the chance to be a part of the debate that I liked to call “Generation Gap”. It boasted boldly about the issue of living abroad. I must say that I am fortunate enough to have lived in both the worlds. and thrust there is no grass on the either side. There are some fundamental mistakes with the social structure to cope with essential problems.

We Indians as a race are very smart. The best working brains of the world come from our country. But that is exactly where we face our first slap. We work. We don’t invent. We don’t lead. We just work. The Western analysts have been smart enough to use this exact work ethic of ours against us. American corporations know what we earn when we live in India. America is the major importer of brain power in the world, and India is the major exporter of brainpower in the world. This little understanding has led to a convenient relationship between the two countries. Americans have analyzed our economy, our pay days and they know that we will work for dimes when they want to earn their dollars. So they come up with exciting opportunities by approaching Indian companies for job offers.  As we are monetary pressured from our families we grudgingly take the opportunity and ship our brains of to work there and lead a dollar filled life. Sounds good doesn’t it?

If it does then you are the disease that’s spreading around India. Monetary returns. That is all we are after these days. Earn big and Live Big. That is exactly what we want and I can come up with numerous and I mean numerous examples. I can pick some guy of the street and that’s what they want. And I don’t mean a poor person, I mean a guy who has grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth. The sad thing is, these people have the ability to change the world or better yet change the country to actually kick out the ones that think they understand what our country needs (I guess everyone can guess who all I am hinting at). Now you might question what is wrong with this? Well okay imagine this situation. When I was in eighth standard in the States we had scientific calculators to work on our geometry, algebra, science sums, etc. And as I grew older I became more stagnant. My brain could hardly multiply, divide mentally. My brain dulled. And therein lays the biggest threat to human existence. A dull brain. America is a stagnant nation. It never grows it just exists. And we fail to understand that. The importance of staying in our country is not that we are patriotic or it’s our duty. But it is because we have to grow. The difference between an American and an Indian is the difference, or more importantly the thin line, between being a “Rich Donkey” or  “Growing Human”.



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  • chanakya

    India must indeed try to retain brilliant minds to work for the country instead of going to somewhere else. But i disagree with the fact that the US is in some kind of stagnation.. The brain drain, which you are probably referring here is but a natural response of people trying for a better life. Also the fact that calculators somehow depreciate the mental capacity of a person is a little naive. I think of technology as an extention of our senses, a calculator being much faster in computing is nothing but a useful tool, just like your ears from which you listen. It is like saying, using dogs to sniff out bombs is a degradation of our sense of smell. It is not, the dog is a tool that we use as an extention of our understanding, just as the calculator which then becomes an extention of ours. I doubt it will affect the human capablity because our brain, need not expend on derivation, when a more accurate result can be found.

  • Deepak Karanjikar

    Excellent View Point.A pretty balance call between perspective and objective.We as a nation has one thing which is missed and that is self respect.we have self obsession but not self respect. When Kalam says 2020 Super Power that is self obsession ( I know it comes with purpose of Motivation ) the obsession comes with mass hysteria.All political,cultural, social leaders want to create mass hysteria as that keeps them secured from the leadership . This is DNA change came in our society due to Fraud education system dumped on us by British ( please read Macaulay’s speech who was British viceroy responsible for creating education system in India. as converted over the time our population from asset in to liability. our second chance came during globalization knocked our door .there were two fingers to choose from one was manufacturing and second was services. we chosen a wrong finger of services which has in a way insulted a hard working human capital and created timber and peripheral skill sets which was based on smart English speaking but content free workforce .more over this was on the foreign mercy.I am afraid this will dry up very soon .
    This kind of article can triggers all those thoughts of what went wrong and so it is very important.keep writing .Cheers !