The Pirate Theory

Posted on May 24 2012 - 4:19pm by Aditya Roy

Pirates have often been portrayed to be these larger than life, gallant, romantic figures. With the prevalence of certain swashbuckling movies, and a certain Johnny Depp, many people want to become pirates growing up. But in reality, pirates were anything but gallant. They were cold, ruthless and bloodthirsty. Often, we romanticize so many things like that. We condition our mind to make something beautiful, while it may not well be.

Everyone every now and then, psychologically, feels okay, with a lover burning you emotionally or the thought of just upping and leaving behind everything in life may be alluring. Often, we just, build things in our head and romanticize situations, that logic may dictate, is the worst decision to make.

I’ve often seen that with me. I do things, say things and feel things, that are better off kept in my head than be as bad-ass as I am. A lot of times, romanticizing situations has left me heartbroken and made me wonder- “what was I thinking!”

If any of you, out there, know deep down, you’ll are building something up, to be way more gallant and killer than it really is, rescue yourself, or else the pirate within, will eat you up, alive.

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