The Romantic: Sneak Peak.

Posted on Oct 25 2011 - 8:56am by Aditya Roy

I’ll start off by saying, I’m a romantic. My story is not any different from anyone else’s. It has a start, a middle, and hopefully, a happily ever after. The reason I write is, because, they say, to really win over a woman, you’ve got to know where you’ve come from, where you want to go and eventually, for the love story to be heralded as something monumental, and to seal the deal, a grand gesture has to be made. This is my grand gesture. Immortalizing my love by turning my love story into literature is my idea of expressing to her, her value and importance in life while schooling my readers on the tricks we men utilize to be complete jerks while inherently realizing, for the right person, we’ll be anything but jerks.

I’d like to explain to everyone how I met my love and the incidents that took place to make this love so real, so important and so life altering. The thing is, I never started off as a romantic. I never dreamed of being a lover. True, ShahRukh Khan’s Dil Wale Dulhaniya or Ryan Gosling’s The Notebook was something I liked, when I watched it but I was as much a fan of The God Father or Star Wars if that is anything to go by. I’m not going to be pretend that I didn’t look out for love every now and then, but mostly, I dated women and realized, I wasn’t the role model for any romantic notion. My story is about a man who is as flawed as the next guy but no matter how messy things get, love triumphs. I I always felt that my story would be about being a jerk. That is, until I realized, the problem wasn’t me. It was the fact, that I hadn’t found the right girl. I just did everything for my girl when I realized she was “the one”. And that, I think goes for most men. They’ll go through hoops of fire, for the woman they love, once they realize, that they are indeed, in love.

Strange as it is, the jerk in me, has given me an insight into most relationships, but the lover in me realizes that if you really really love a woman, there is no force on the face of the earth, that’s going to stop you from being with them. Yes, all relationships have complications and barriers. But its that test, that hurdle, that stage that you must fight away, to win your woman’s hand. It is just as simple as that.

This whole series will try to focus on how relationships can go wrong, what men do to win women over the wrong way, but eventually, will hopefully inspire you to realize that once you’ve found that one true love, you’re done, there is no turning back. Sometimes, love stories get inspired by fellow lovers or people realize the very existence of love reading or watching something. This is every bit a love-story and hopefully someone out there is reading, getting inspired to take that one step in spite of all the reasons that is stopping you from doing so. All it takes is love. And that’s why, I’m the Romantic.


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    Brilliant! I want to know more.

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    SERIOUSLY ! cant wait to read the love story…..

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