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Posted on Jan 20 2012 - 12:42pm by Aditya Roy

I was out on a date last night. A beautiful young woman who I incidentally have been close to for a very long time. But never had the courage to ask her out when I knew her. So, after having lost touch and reconnected on facebook, we decided to meet. We met at a coffee shop, and then went out for a walk, and spoke about our lives. What was to be a date, turned out to be a monologue on my part, about how much I’m in love with the girl I dedicate this entire column to. Which brings me to a very important rule that must never be broken by people dating,

“never bring up Exs or your history on the first date”

Well, when I got back home, I was left feeling incomplete, and I just couldn’t stop myself from calling the girl I so terribly love. She picked up and I explained to her how horribly my date panned out. She laughed and was feeling slightly sorry for me, in a pathetic loving way. But she seemed to realize I was fighting hard to respect her decision to split up. What followed was one of the nicest conversation we’ve had, discussing stuff that made me first fall in love with her. It was just an instant connect.

Which brings me to my second rule,


“once a lover, always a lover”.


We all tend to break up with people and think that the love has vanished. But if you’ve loved someone once truly, thats enough, to make you realize that the love always exists. Even if its not manifested via words. Its a feeling, that not necessarily, can always be expressed.


So, for today, I think I leave you with these two rules. Simple, easy, but something you have to think about.


Remember this, on a parting note- We all as people, have stories, and lovers that go to the point of being absolutely unique to that person. But everyone has had similar stories. Its like when you see a movie and instantly relate to someone else in your life who plays that role for you, in your life. My point is, people in our lives, make us the people we are. So, look around and see who your friends, lovers and people you chill with are. And when you do that, you’ll realize, the fact that you’re with such people, must mean, you are indeed doing something right.



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The Romantic.

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