The TSEC Trifles Review – Featuring Jal

Posted on Apr 3 2012 - 12:36pm by Vardhan Karanjikar

The students of TSEC called us for their star event in the Trifles 2012. I could only hold my breath and watch as the band Jal stood just in front of me. Jal was a band that I like to think I grew up with. Seeing them perform at Trifles was amazing.

It was steady as the lights slowly introduced us to the band. The strumming of guitars and the drum roll that followed was all that we needed to know that we were going to experience!!


The High’s:-

The best thing about the concert and the event was the management that was behind it. The TSEC students made sure that everybody could get a glimpse or taste of all the action that was unfurling in the concert! There was a certain sense of discipline in the crowd and there wasn’t a lot of fuss or complaining from the crowd. The best part was that there was a place to sit and stand.  The food court also was  placed near the area so that there wasn’t too much work required in getting beverages.


The Low’s:-

The biggest disappointment was the amount of people that showed up and the enthusiasm in them. Though there was place to stand, there weren’t many participants. Not to mention that there wasn’t a lot of interaction of the crowd with the band. Everybody seemed a bit mellow at the concert and wasn’t enjoying it. So the concert seemed serene.


Apart from this, the even Trifles was a major success for many other events. The Fashion Show on day three was worth watching and everything managed by the team was good.


Our Verdict:- 

Trifles 2012 was a success, with a few glitches. Next year we hope they can be fixed and the team gives another event of pure awesomeness.


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