“TIME called Manmohan ‘under-achiever’ under Modi’s terror” says Sanjeev Bhatt

Posted on Jul 10 2012 - 12:48pm by Delusional Repoter

THE July 16, 2012 Asia edition of the famous TIME magazine carried out sensational cover story where they, finally, and quite understandably revamped the previously coined name of ‘under achiever’ for our beloved The Silent Singh.

The same magazine had once carried an incisive cover story on MODI and stated, ’Modi means business’ and ‘the no nonsense leader’. But this article created pool of shit from all corners: intel-fuck-tual media,  sickular activists and Sonia’s studious sycophants.

This time, (mentally) suspended IPS officer Shri Sanjeev Bhatt was quick enough to appear in The Last F***ing Word, I the People by Barkha Dutt etc. etc. Getting excited and jumping off his chair, he yelled with his signature cacophonous voice to say, “This is live example of Modi’s terror. Few months ago they carried out a story on Modi and I am, for surely convinced that this story to malign our sweetheart Singhji is fabricated by Modi. Every Gujarati is living under Modi’s terror. I have proof against him. I have Blackberry to support me against him.”

On asking to divulge the proof he has in front of the media, he said, “I have asked this from the State Government and it is yet to reply. My question is where is that proof?”

Finally fed up of his indecorously fabricated answers, I finally asked him, “Can you please establish the relation between TIME’s article and Modi’s terror?”

To this, he replied, “yes, I will. See how can you expect TIME to praise Modi after 2002 Gujarat riots? He’s a Mass Murderder and I am a Mass Beggar….I mean Mass WHISTLEBLOWER…”

The whole crowd burst into laughter and couldn’t control although frequent voices from the orator warned us to believe him. Ahh, such a fun it was.

Further ridiculing his own claim, “hey you all buffoons!! Listen to me yaar!! This is serious. Modi has terrorized the TIME magazine too!! He has send goons outside India to threaten them and this forced poor TIME magazine to carry such fallacious story. I accuse them in supporting the mass murderer in Gujarat 2002 riots. I will prove everything in another 10 years from now. Think cleverly manh!! Who the hell will dare to call MSM as ‘under-achiever’ explicitly when he is already under achieving since 8 years? Simple logic.!! Besides when he is already under the blessed guidance of Italian Mafia, how can anyone dare to write against him? His policies, under divine guidance, are always meant to make poor poorer and rich suspended officers like me richer and insanely happier.”

This time the situation went berserk and it became a laughing riot. He got very frustrated and was about to leave, he got a message on his blackberry messenger and he read it loudly, “ hey, nae-naa-nae-naa-naa, I told you so!! Look, now Phijool Chidu, I mean greatly revered Home minister is soon going to probe this Hindu Terror. …I mean MODI TERROR. Hey it’s simple logic again!! Don’t you see, TIME is trying to improve its circulation in India, and it is just following my way- attacking a famous person so that you become famous instantly; only exception is they opted to attack a ‘weaker’ leader. But you see, I am smarter because I caught ‘strong’ leader, as per the same divine guidance and still paying for it.” Having said that, he got very upset and tears rolled down his cheeks. Resurrecting himself from emotionally disturbed state, he decided to leave.

At last, while leaving, with utmost sincerity and audacity he shouted, “HELL MODI, HAIL HITALY”.

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