Tumhi ho Bandhu- When Students decide to befriend a Social Cause.

Posted on Jul 29 2012 - 9:22am by Bianca Honnekeri

Date 28TH August

Time 5.30pm
Venue Girgaum Chowpatty Beach, South Mumbai

What is usually seen as the perfect setting for a sunset-kissed slow romantic walk on the beach while slurping down a kaala khatta; was today replaced by a multitude of frolic and energy- and all for a great cause.

The B.M.S. students of Wilson College, as part of their fest ‘ADOREA’ decided that they would give back to society this year. And how! They thus organized a Flash Mob called Dance for a Life, and the entire dance and spunk served an important, noble purpose as well. They danced to ‘Tumhi ho Bandhu’ a peppy number, the chorus of which is based on a Sanskrit shloka from ‘Vishwanatha Suprabhata’ and which partially translates roughly to ‘you are my kin, my friend’.

Their aim was to spread awareness and garner support to “give back to society and Help Our People Elevate.”

As their Facebook Campaign elucidated, “Stop Female Infanticide and Save The Girl Child is our objective.”

With each person that joined their dance, they will donate a certain undisclosed sum of money to ‘Bal Bhavan’.

With such noble ideals to provide the wind beneath their wings, was there any chance of this event not taking flight to spectacular proportions?

It was indeed a melee of passionate, inspired energy; and besides being a gala beach party in miniature, successfully garnered plenty of support for their cause, and conveyed their message to the masses in precisely the way they wanted to- from their hearts, directly to ours.

But it wasn’t all song and dance the whole way. They conducted practices at their college every single afternoon, and also put up a choreography video so that these dedicated participants could practice at home as well. View the video here:

This is a message by Mr Asad Khan, the Student Head for this event, which beautifully encapsulates the very essence of the endeavor.

“Our society, as perceived, is of a patriarchal nature. Women are objectified and worse, marginalized. The incidents that transpired in Guwahati, Kerala, Delhi and numerous other remote locations that went unheeded have the populace appalled. Female infanticide is still a rampant vice in our society and no one who yields power is prepared to back the innocents, to bring them justice.
The students pursuing their Bachelor of Management Studies at Wilson College have decided to raise their voices against this appalling trend of blatant violation of a woman’s right to equality. Their campaign is aptly named “Dance for a Life”. An individual’s voice may not echo but with over fifteen hundred voice chanting a similar moral, the echoes will ring through the by-lanes of Mumbai.
These socially aware students have managed to convince the younger generation, still in school, to partake in this uprising. Maybe a protest would be too harsh and easy to die down, these students have decided to make their voice heard encompassing it, rather cleverly, in a trend. This contingent of over 1500 teenagers has organized a flash mob, the largest this country has witnessed. This flash mob was held at Girgaum – Chowpatty beach on the 28th of July, 5:30pm.

Why is this flash mob unique?:

• The sole purpose is to spread social awareness TO STOP FEMALE INFANTICIDE AND PROTECT THE GIRL CHILD.
• We want to be the LARGEST FLASH MOB
• The first one to happen for a Social Cause at a beach
• The first one to be conducted by an educational institution in cohesion with other schools and colleges.
• With every person that joins in we donate a certain amount of money in cash/kind to an orphanage called Bal Bhavan. With the entire college force, the support of other colleges, schools and the enthusiastic supporters at Chowpatty, this Flash Mob will prove to be of great help to Bal Bhavan and also with spreading the word around.
• Previously all Social Cause Flash Mobs have been held just for creating awareness but we wanted to be different and take it a step ahead. Therefore people come in with a thought of pitching in through dance and helping with a noble cause of ensuring no further death of the girl child.”

Kudos to the Wilsonites for conveying their message in a language of love that is truly universal! Their infectious passion for this beautiful and oft-neglected cause touched the hearts of so many.

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  • Deepika Singh

    Good stuff! I wish I could be there! :/

  • Nathanael Mookhtiar

    Loved the article. Loved the flashmob. EPIC event!