“Vicky Donor”- A Smartly “Handled”,Perfectly “Fertilized”, “Conceivable” Entertainer.***

Posted on Apr 19 2012 - 8:46pm by Rahul Kekan

“Every drop..err I mean every scene of Vicky Donor is “Pure”, “Original” and “Conjugates” brilliantly with the audience without any issues of vulgarity resulting into a “Healthy” entertaining (inter)course of the movie”*wink *

In Bollywood, rarely is there a week when a comedy flick doesn’t knock at box-office, tickling your back pocket to loosen up a bit and have your share of smile after the stressful week. “Rom-coms” are like that average middle order batsmen on whom the captains (read directors) always have high expectations. Sometimes he quacks and leaves the field (read theatre) on a duck and sometimes he goes on to become the over-pampered-one-day-adopted child of Indian media after scoring a ton. This isn’t irrelevance people, I just want to let you know that movies that release during IPL have to struggle for their share of weekend attention. When it comes to “Vicky Donor” he doesn’t quacks like a duck but ”shacks” like a boss (almost literally). The marketing team strikes gold with perfect balance of interesting youth-targeted publicity with a mischievous smile which keeps you guessing whether it is cocky and pervert or smart and fun.

Shoojit Sircar breaks the ice in the first scene itself and the elderly family members who were forced to come with you and were all set to put up that awkward smile throughout the movie whenever a pervert joke pops up, those uncles, aunties or even your parents realize that the movie isn’t going to be that tough to handle. Rather it is education with tinge of smart humor. “Vicky Donor” is a family entertainer with its well deserved U/A certificate.


“Vicky Donor”, as the name suggests, is story of Vicky-the sperm donor. He is our superhero of the comic book who is initially the ordinary street smart Delhi Lad in his twenties who lives life to the fullest and wants “class” in his further professional life. Like in every superhero movie, there are twists that give superpowers to him further changing his life; the twist here is a loud doctor, an infertility specialist to be specific. He introduces Vicky to sperm donation, an act which isn’t very acceptable in India yet. We witness the change in Vicky from stating “Sperm bhi koi donate karne ki chez hai” to earning a fortune for himself from his so called occupation of “HANDICRAFTS” in which he excels being the so-called ARYA PUTRA. The director places the audience in a third person dimension and narrates how this guy deals with his girlfriend/s, his family and his own conscience. It isn’t as serious as I’m putting forward; the movie is a pleasant ride with a catchy and fresh plot.



Apart from veteran actor Annu Kapoor every face that you see is a new one. The casting director is thoughtful about the characters and gets the perfect people.

Ayushmann Khurrana
as Vicky finally makes his debut on the big screen in this male-centric laughter ride. You have seen him so often on your idiot box that you reflectively tend to love his spontaneity, his charm, his comic timing and not to forget his mischievous dimple. He is well-directed and his naughtiness is exploited intelligently. There comes a time when his overacting becomes a pain but then the character overshadows such small points.

Yamini Gautam, as Ashima Roy, the love interest of Vicky’s life, is this independent Bengali girl (BONG as Vicky addresses her) who lacks the dumbness we are used to make fun of in every Bollywood female lead. She plays her part well in all the lovey-dovey scenes with perfect charm, providing opportunities to whistlers and satisfaction to your guy friends who are about to start making fun of Vicky due lack of hot girls in the movie.Annu Kapoor, as Dr.Chaddha, undoubtedly stands out as the best actor of the cast. He is desperate to save his clinic which is in jeopardy due to lack of quality sperm donors. He merges magically with his character. His mannerisms, his ideology, his logical reasoning and comic timing are a treat for viewers. Every scene having Vicky and Dr.Chaddha is a fine play of snappy dialogues with complimenting actions and reactions.Dolly Ahluwalia as Vicky’s mother is a perfect depiction of over the top North Indian mothers. She reminds you of much-loved Kiron Khereven surpassing her performance in some brilliant scenes. She effortlessly pleases you in every way possible. You realize mothers are the same everywhere.Kamlesh Gillas the modern Beeji (granny) who makes you laugh your heart out every time she quotes something. She shares a drink with her daughter-in-law and gets grumpy when her grandchild gets a 16 gb iPhone instead of 32 gb one. Rest of the cast consists of some hardcore Punjabis, a squinted assistant of Dr.Chaddha and fun-to-watch Bengali family of Ashima.


John Abraham joins the club of actors turned producers by making a bold statement. The movie is delightful enough to keep you smiling in its 122 minute life span.
The music is a bit more than decent. “Pani da rang” composed and sung by Ayushmann himself is worth your playlist for sure. “Mar jaiyan” is another track placed intelligently. The only dance number from the album is “Rum whisky” which you keep humming as you leave the theatre after watching John’s eight-pack in his promotional video.Ayushmann is a born entertainer. The ROADIES 2 winner displays all his talent with confidence. He is that under-dog who has the potential to snatch the throne from someone like Ranbir, Ranveer and Imran. His acting skills show close resemblance to the fun factor that Abhay Deol brings to screen. First half is a laughter riot as we aren’t used to much of witty humor (post Housefull and Golmal series). Dr.Chadda’s “sperm-mindedness”, the North-Indian tadka with which we have grown up watching, Ashima’s fresh face, Vicky’s struggle to justify his donating some not-so-acceptable things and most importantly the Delhi factor makes you connect easily. However with introduction of some rather irrelevant plots, second half becomes a mess. Both the leads perform miserably when it comes to serious scenes and short monologues. The scene in which Ashima confronts Vicky about his profession is a total failure. The female lead makes excessive use of glycerin in some scenes. What keeps you tangled is the beautiful screenplay, street friendly dialogues and soulful script by Juhi Chaturvedi.


The ROFL moments-

It’s hard to point out ROFL moments in a comic flick. The way Dr.Chadda’s clinic is designed very creative. There are sperms all over his desk, his car and in his mind too. The scene in which Beeji and Vicky’s Mother bond over alcohol stands out as the best comic scene of the movie. Words like “Phuddu” and “Chyeap” are sure to become a rage among the youth like the case with “Biness”. Also the Bengal Vs Punjab cultural clash is at times more entertaining than a KKR vs King’s XI match.

Final say-

“Vicky Donor” brings out the sensitive topic of artificial insemination beautifully to the masses. What could have been a cocky comedy turns out to be a movie with ethical values and a strong moral. There is no bombardment of double meaning jokes, no cheap vulgar comedy and not a single forcefully placed cameo of some unnecessary superstar which could have been possible. The problem is with the second half. There is a limit to which the director can resist his love for typical Bollywood twists. The climax is senseless, giving some scope for criticism. However, overall the movie is definitely better than lame pervert movies like “Masti” and “Kya kool hain hum”. It is the best option for this weekend considering “Hate Story”and “Housefull 2” as competition.I go with *** for John’s first film under the producer’s hat.

Bottom line-

“Vicky Donor” is a responsibly “handled”, well “implanted” and aptly “delivered” concept. It is sure to donate many smiles with pinch of sarcasm aimed at the orthodox vision of Indians. Don’t miss out on this smart piece of cinema.

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