Waking Tall… the queen bee: Madhura Honey…

Posted on Jul 31 2012 - 10:35am by Felix Joy

Keeping in tone with current trend of facebook and 9gag memes, I’ll throw sticking-to-formal-English-literature out of the window and say that Madhura Honey, single handedly trolled all of India and probably everyone having any connection to the Olympics, by essentially wandering into the opening ceremony at the 2012 London Games.

For those who don’t know the entire story, first of all, shame on you for missing out on the single most important incident that redefined gate crashing for generations to come. Now continuing with our narrative, Indians tuning into the opening ceremony at the most unearthly hour of the day (around 3 a.m. in the morning) were left disappointed to barely be able to catch a glimpse of the Indian contingent due the iota that was their air time on TV. But that didn’t even compare to the surprise (if not shock) that they felt when an unidentified woman, who had decided upon an ill-timed and ill-placed evening stroll, walked into the arena with our Olympic medal hopefuls.

Even as Indian officials fumed and seethed, all the while demanding a formal apology from the organizers, this ‘uninvited guest’ turned out to be a Bengaluru based Madhura Honey, a post graduate student studying in London. She had obtained tickets to see the opening ceremony and had inadvertently got the best seats in the entire stadium: right in the middle of the bloody ceremony.

Nobody seems to exactly know how Ms.Honey wound up where she did, but this raises a lot of questions.  First of all, what was our dear little gatecrasher thinking? Had she suddenly suffered a huge lapse of common sense and judgment to decide that this was the moment where she would get her hardly-15-seconds of fame? Or was this the biggest case of one losing their way since Christopher Columbus finding his way to America instead of India? Coming to more serious questions, if a random woman could so easily find her way into the middle of the opening ceremony of the biggest sporting spectacle of the past few years, how good is the security at the London games really? Maybe, these are questions that can be best answered by Ms.Honey herself. And about the security issue, there really is only one thing I
can say: God Save the Queen.

Meanwhile, within hours of her identity being discovered, #MadhuraHoney was trending on twitter. From serious news to questions about her fashion sense to witty and satirical mentions, the twitterati were alive and abuzz about the woman who single handedly managed to steal her way into the opening ceremony. My personal favorite was from writer Taslima Nasreen who wished to ‘collect Madhura Honey’s brain only to see how it works’  Looks like Ms. Honey made it big after all. Now all we need is for RGV to offer her the lead in a movie. Walking tall, indeed…

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  • Karan Mehta

    Omg she is just abt the biggest troll in the history of trolls!

  • http://www.ychoudhurywishes.blogspot.in/ Yashomana

    I loved reading the article..the language was witty, funny… n worthy of Ms Gatecrasher