What is AIESEC?

Posted on Apr 11 2012 - 10:04pm by Felix Joy

“If you’ve ever wondered, What are you doing that’s ‘different’? What are you doing that sets yourself apart from the millions of others in the rat-race of life? The answer to that is AIESEC. Being the premier platform for youth leadership and quality international experiences, AIESEC gives you the cutting edge by helping you realize your inner potential to achieve success.”
- Aditya Paranjpe, President of AIESEC Mumbai

Concisely put; but Paranjpe manages to focus on the essence of AIESEC and project what exactly the organization is all about. When we first decided to feature AIESEC in Scribido, we had thought that our main effort would be to expose more students to the story of how AIESEC became the internationally reputed organization that it is and the many programs that the organization offers. But even as we went through their website and scoured the internet to check up on facts and figures, we realized that as an organization for students, AIESEC has such a widespread network, that it is surprising that its presence is not conspicuous in so many colleges and student bodies across India. Also, the relative anonymity that it experiences among the Indian student body only speaks of our ignorance regarding a lot of opportunities. It became clear to us that as a youth magazine, we needed to project any opportunity as potent as this to the masses.

The ‘Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales’ (AIESEC) or ‘International Economic and Commercial Sciences Students Association’ was established in the 1930s with a view to promote exchange of ideas and information regarding business, economics and commercial sciences. In an effort to give the student members firsthand experience and knowledge, AIESEC began conducting various student exchange and internship programs. Soon, AIESEC acquired an irrefutable place for itself in Europe as an epicentre of knowledge by means of experience, a place where members could learn and improve on the tricks of the trade.

In the 1950s AIESEC partnered with Yale and Columbia Business School and set up base in the United States of America. And then there was no looking back. AIESEC created a name for itself all over the world and became an internationally recognized organization, where global talent and potential in economics and business could be developed and nurtured. According to Wikipedia, when enumerated last July, AiESEC was credited to have over 60000 members across an approximate number of 2100 universities, in as many as 110 countries in the world. It provides a large number of internships, leadership programs and student exchange programs across the globe. It has also made its presence felt in the global business scene and partnered with internationally recognized business giants like Nike, Cognizant, Ericsson, Electrolux, Microsoft etc. over the years.

As the race to make the all impressive resume gather steam, all too many individuals are trying to make their resumes stand out by adding and embellishing their extracurricular activities to add to their academics. In this effort to stand out from the crowd, AIESEC offers a wide spectrum of opportunities that should not go unnoticed. The range that their activities cover is unparalleled and would only be an added edge to anyone who decides to grab hold of the opportunities the organization presents on a regular basis.

While AIESEC has local offices in many cities across india, for instance, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahemdabad, Jaipur etc. its presence is still in the shadows. So if you are interested in registering contact the nearest local office or you can check out AIESEC India’s official website, aiesecindia.org

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    Good article. Informative. would like to know how the AIESEC looks at the CSR activities of the Corporate sector . How do they contribute to society while working towards their individual progress and development? Whuch NGOs they have worked with so far?
    Have they looked at volunteering activities as one of the ways of improving their CVs?