Why is it like that?

Posted on Jun 19 2012 - 9:28am by Vardhan Karanjikar

I am a normal guy. I interact, I mix, and I equally observe all my fellow homo sapiens. We have evolved tremendously; as I glance over the history of our ancestors I can only fathom the tremendous change in our life style. We have technological paraphernalia, we have a machine that can analyze things for us, and however there is only one thing that hasn’t changed. It is the teaching aspect in our society. The segregation of the sexes in our educational system is puzzling. For as long as I can remember I have always had nursery teachers, and today I have college sirs. Why is it like that? Aren’t the women of our society taught well enough to teach the senior students? Today we are slowly, and I mean extremely slowly stepping towards equality, however we still have segregation in this particular aspect. After observing both the genders I must say I have a very rough cut opinion on this thing.

It is said that biologically females are more emotional. That is true in some aspect; studies have shown that the centers of emotions are more active in females than in males. This does a play role in teaching. When we were kids we were always afraid of our fathers and the mothers were our crying shoulders. Maybe at that time the females represented a class of people we were emotionally attached to. Hence, almost every single female represented a helper’s hand. It is true that when we were taught at our school levels teachers had to be someone we can share the class problems with, so they had to be the “crying shoulder” females for us in school. We all learned at an emotional level in our developing years. This all leads to the fact that females are more emotional and handle things a bit more emotionally and we as kids need someone to handle us emotionally. According to me this is the reason why we as kids need a female teacher.

Now for the males. To sum males up emotionally, it wouldn’t need more that two lines. Scientifically proven male brains have no capacity to digest too many emotions. Now as students move further up in the higher studies section we feel that the teachers treat us like kids and the sirs become our “cool” professors. This is because as we grow older we have matured mentally and sharing our feelings with our teachers becomes a thing of the past. We rely on our friends more emotionally and not on our seniors. So now essentially our so called professors merely become the people who guide us in our studies. The sirs provide as a good option because all they do is teach, crack jokes, and tell us to get the hell out of their class when the lecture is over. No emotions involved. I mean the sirs do help us when we need them to, but the case of that happening is rare.

So all in all, we need to understand that the segregation of the sexes in our educational system is merely a reflection of what the students need at that time and not at all related to the capacity of the individuals teaching them. After all we are nothing but emotionally manipulated humans.

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