Zodiac 2012 – Its time to rock your world!

Posted on Mar 13 2012 - 9:54pm by Vardhan Karanjikar

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology has always made head turns with their most awaited fest. This year’s Zodiac 2012 is all set in motion to make your head, body, and mind rock. Literally!


Event: – Zodiac 2012


Organized By: – Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology


Fest Dates: – 28th to 31st i.e. 4 days.


Zodiac as we all know is a legacy. A legacy that most people have only heard of and some people have experienced. In its eight year Zodiac 2012 is all set and ready to make its mark upon the city. This year’s Zodiac starts off with a bang by hosting a promising “Music Festival”. This is not all; Zodiac has a team of dedicated leaders who have strived to make it the best engineering fest in the college. How you ask? Well let’s just browse through some of the upcoming and starlight event of this year’s Zodiac.

This year Zodiac is hosting an upgraded version of Zodies. As the name suggest, it is their version of the Mtv Roadies, and it is awesome. This event is the most anticipated daytime event in all the three days. The prize money is worth fighting for so grab yourself a spot at least and do check it out!

Apart from Zodies there are major events going all around the college during Zodiac. This includes their vintage and classic The Big Band Theory which has been with them since the beginning of time.

If you think Zodiac is all about this, then we have barely scratched the surface here. These are just some of the many day time events. Up next, what happens in the night?

Zodiac is always been known for its classy shows, its band wars and their star events which make anybody want to drop everything and rush over there. This year’s Zodiac has a lot, and we mean a lot of star events. This includes the “stop and drop and rush” concerts like Sunburn and Raghu Dixit … Yes you can breathe now.  But wait, there is more. This year’s Fashion and Dance show is also worth its might as the teams and participants in it have won a lot of prizes from other eminent places. Rajiv Gandhi Institute has strived to make it best college fest to be ever held in history and they are going to succeed, go to it and check out the numerous celebs that are going to be dropping in and out of it. We promise you the best month end you can ever hope for. Zodiac 2012 has it all, from glamour, to fame, to glory and to everything. Don’t think, just go. It’s as simple as that.

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